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This where you can configure the settings for the shop. There are six tabs for configuration of the shop.


General - Fill in the necessary details as follows.

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The email address & telephone number should be the best contacts for shop customers to contact you on.

Shop Closed Message - Customise the message that is shown when your shop is closed.

Number Of Minutes From Now For Collection Slots - Number Of Minutes From Now For Delivery Slots - Number Of Minutes From Now For Room Service Slots - You can set the minutes from now that each type of slot is available, for example you may require 15 minutes to prepare an order for collection however require 25 minutes to prepare it for Delivery.  Once set customers will only be given timeslots ahead of these set times to choose from.

Maximum Number Of Days For BookingYou can set the number of days ahead you would like customers to be able to order up to here. For example, if you only want today and tomorrow to be available then it would be 1. 

Allergen Information - There is a text box for you to inform about allergen information. If completed this will show on Hop Shop and when clicked the text entered will display for your customers.

Make Special Requests mandatory? – As it says, Tick this box if you want this to be mandatory.

Special Request Information – Add text here to be shown in this box.

Age Restriction Message – Add the text here you want to show for age restricted items.

Enable Gratuity - As it says, Tick this box if you would like to enable Gratuities. Two boxes will appear once ticked.

Order Types For Gratuity – Select which order types you would like the option for Gratuities to show.

Gratuity Article – Select the article you would like Gratuities posted to in hop.

Card Only Payments – Tick to only accept payments by card.

Enable Inventory Of Stock – Tick to use Inventory for stock.

Hide Book Events button – Tick if you do not use the shop for selling tickets.


Delivery Service - This is only if you offer delivery of items.


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Apply Delivery Charge - You can tick Apply Delivery Charge and set the amount to be charged. Choose the Article you want it to be charged to in hop. Customer Information is where you would add any other information about delivery.

Restrict delivery addresses by radius? – Tick to limit the radius you deliver to and add the details as necessary.

Table Service - If you want customers to be able to order to a table in your property tick the box.

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Allow guests to charge table service to their room?Tick this to allow guest to charge their order to their room.

Once enabled you can tick the box to set Table Service opening hours, this is to stop people making table service orders when you are closed. 


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We have configured the option for a specific printer to be connected to the shop in order for orders placed to be printed from it. If no printer is connected all orders will be sent to the email set up in the General tab. The printer is model is  For more information on setting up the printer please click here.

You can add Printers in category for Printer from the shop menu.

Look and Feel – You can upload a custom style sheet, browser icon and logo for the shop here. If none are added then default ones from the shop will be used.

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Analytics – If you would like to use Google tag manager to track shop events add your GTM container ID here.

The same applies to Facebook Pixel.

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