Printing Orders to a Star Printer from Hop Shop

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The first task you need to do is to connect your Star Printer to your network. Once it is connected it needs to be configured. To do this you will need the IP address of the printer. Once you have the IP address, type it into a browser. You will then see a login page for the printer.


Click login. The default credentials are shown. Please change them to something more secure.


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Then click the "CloudPRNT" menu option and set the following options you see highlighted below. 



The polling time is how often that the printer should check HOP for new print jobs (in seconds).


Once you have done this, click the blue submit button....


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 then click "save"....


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You will notice the MAC address of the printer is displayed. Keep a note of this, then restart the device. 


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Now go to Shop > Configuration in the PMS and head to the 'Printing' tab. Here you will need to tick the following box and then save your changes: 



Navigate to Shop > Printers where you will need to click +Add button and enter your printer details.


You will need to supply the MAC address you noted down earlier along with a name for the printer such as Bar Printer or Kitchen Printer.



After a few seconds, if everything is configured correctly you will see the printer is connected to Hop. You can also see the status of the printer:



If the printer doesn’t connect to Hop for more than a minute it will be classed as disconnected. The small green icon next to the last interaction date will turn to red:


You will then need to configure which categories are sent to which printer. For example, if a customer ordered a pizza this would be sent to the kitchen printer but a glass of wine and a pint of lager would be sent to the bar printer.


It is also possible to select multiple printers on a single product category:



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