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Menus allow you to segment your Hop Shop Product Categories and allocate specific times of day and days of the week that they are available. Once set, customers will not be able to select items from menus outside the times or days they are available, unless the item appears on multiple menus (e.g. Soup of the Day appearsr on both your Lunch and Dinner menus, then it will be available to order on the times and dates set for both of these.

To set your menus, go to Shop > Menus then select add and enter the menu name, times available and (optionally) you can select specific days of the week that the menu is available. For example, if you only provide Roast Dinners on a Sunday, you can select Sunday.


You can see at a glance the start and end times and also if the menu is active from the main menu:


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From here you can delete a menu by clicking on the red trashcan icon.


To edit a menu, simply click on its name, or on the pencil icon on the right. You can update the following and then press Save to confirm your changes:


  • Name - The name of the menu to display on Hop Shop
  • Start time - The start serving time of the menu
  • End time - The end serving time of the menu
  • Days - The days of the week the menu is available
  • Display Order - The order in which the menus are displayed on Hop Shop
  • Active - If the menu is currently active or not on Hop Shop 


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Once your menus are set up, you will need to go to Shop > Product Categories and for each product category you can select the Menu that the category belongs to from the dropdown list.


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