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Products are the individual items on your menu that you sell in your shop or restaurant. Each one must be set up individually, with its own name, description, price etc.  


Adding a product


Go to Shop > Products and click the +Add button, then fill in the required details.



  • Name – Name of the product (e.g. Garlic Bread)
  • Description Add a brief description of the item.
  • Category Select the product category you wish it to display under like your Starters or Sides
  • Price – Add the price for this product.
  • Article – Select the article that you want the item to be associated with (e.g. Food). Tick the box to use multiple articles.
  • Inventory – If you have chosen to Enable Inventory of stock then please add your inventory for this product here. As items are sold on the shop they will reduce. When you get more items in you just need to update the new number here.
  • Display Order – If you want the products to display in a particular order you would add the number for this product here.
  • Modifier – Add any modifiers necessary. For example, for Garlic bread you may want to give the option to add cheese.
  • Order Types – Select the order types this product is available for.


The two tick boxes at the bottom are self-explanatory. If the products is age restricted (wine, beer etc.) tick the box. 


Remember to save each product before moving onto the next. 

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You can add an image once you have saved the product. Click on the product name to go back in to add the image or to edit and of the other details. 



If an item is age-restricted (e.g. alcohol), you have the option to tick the 'Is Age Restricted?' box when creating or editing a product.


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A warning message will then appear onscreen when a customer adds an age-restricted product to their order:


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If you would like to customise this message, you can do this by going to Shop > Configuration and entering the wording of your choice in the Age Restriction Message box on the General tab.


If a product is not going to be unavailable for a period you have the option to disable it, removing it from sale until further notice. Simply tick the Disabled tick box at the bottom of the Edit Product window and then once it is available again you just need to go back in and untick it again. 


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As items are sold on the shop they will reduce, when you get more items in you just need to update the new number here.



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Deleting a product


If a product will no longer be sold you can remove it by clicking the red bin next to the edit pencil, the system will ask you to confirm deletion of the product.


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