Connecting to Trip Advisor

Modified on Mon, 04 Apr 2022 at 09:22 AM

Any hotel that wishes to take bookings through Trip Advisor and Hop is able to do so by following the below steps:

  1. Go to Administration > Property in the PMS and scroll down to the 'Property Settings' area
  2. Enter your property's latitude and longitude in the relevant fields, if these have not already been filled in
  3. Tick the 'Trip Advisor Enabled' box
  4. Fill in all of the requested information in the fields that appear below
  5. Press 'Update Settings' at the end of the Property Settings area to save your changes

Points to note

  • If you do not know your hotel's latitude and longitude, there are plenty of websites you can use to convert a postcode into latitude and longitude coordinates for you, please just ensure that the results are correct.
  • You may not immediately know your Trip Advisor hotel ID. To get this, simply find your listing on Trip Advisor and copy and paste the string of numbers after the letter "d" in the URL, for example:

  • The information in your Trip Advisor Description must be filled out in one single paragraph of plain text with no special characters or html code/tags.
  • Once your property has been enabled for Trip Advisor (i.e. once the tick-box has been activated), it can take 48-72 hours before it is activated by Trip Advisor, unlocking the sign-up process for you to decide which type of account you would like to configure. There are two options to choose between, Cost-per-Click (CPC) and Sponsored Placement (SP) campaigns.


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