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There are two types of special offer which can be cteated in the Shop:

  • Cheapest Item For Free - This would typically be a 2 for 1 deal or 3 for 2 deal etc.
  • Courses For Set Price - This would typically be 3 courses for £30 etc.


  • Name - This is the name of the offer
  • Type - This is the type of the offer as explained above (Cheapest Item for Free, Courses for Set Price)
  • Priority - This ensures which special offers are matched first. 
  • Total Price - The total price of the offer. This field is only available for the “Courses for Set Price” offer type.
  • Article - This is the article the discount is stored against.
  • Applicable To - Which order types the offer is applicable to (Table Service, Collection etc).
  • Extra Information - This is shown to the customer in the special offers popup in the shop.
  • Active - This indicates whether the offer is currently active.
  • Start Date - The date the offer starts (leave blank and it will start now).
  • End Date -The date the offer ends (leave blank for it to never end).
  • Groups - It is important you understand how groups relate to special offers. There is more information below on this.
  • Active Periods - When the offer is available.



To set up a special offer a user must always define a series of groups as part of their offer. Within the group they will add the products that will need to be “matched” by the order to qualify for the special offer. All groups must match a product on the customers order or they will not qualify for the special offer.

A user can easily add single products or all products from a category by clicking the add product or add all products button:

The products will then a appear in the table underneath:

Groups can easily be copied or removed from the special offer by clicking the relevant buttons in the top right of the group:

  • Group Example #1 – 2 for 1 Pizzas

A user will create two identical groups consisting of all pizzas that are related to the offer:

  • Group Example #2 – 2 Steaks & Bottle of Wine

A user will create 2 groups, in one group will be the steaks with a quantity of 2 and in the other will be the bottle of wine:

  • Group Example #3 – 3 Courses for £30

A user will create three groups and assign each course and its products to each group:



Active Periods

This part of the offer is when the offer is available is configured. A pizza offer on a Tuesday evening between 5pm and 11pm would be configured like this:

In the Shop

If any special offers are available then they are shown at the bottom of the side menu:

Clicking on this link will show all offers which are currently available to the customer.

They can then expand an offer to see more information.

When the customer is eligible for a special offer it will appear in their order summary once the products have been added to their order.

Please note that adding a promo code will override all special offers available.

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