How to use the Paperless Check-In service?

Modified on Tue, 10 Jan 2023 at 02:39 PM

If you want to move towards contactless check-in, to make things more convenient for you and your guests, Hop already has this functionality built in. Instead of using paper registration cards and manually checking people in, guests can check themselves in using any touchscreen device or tablet that you desire - the only technical requirement is that the device has an internet browser.

 To make this option available, you need to set up a few things:


  1. Under Administration > Property please upload an image of what you would like to show onscreen as a background image when you hand the guest the tablet, and also upload a copy of your Terms and Conditions (as a PDF file) for the guest to read before entering their signature. 
  2. Go to Administration > Option Sets and select “Guest Device” from the drop-down menu. Click “Add” and provide a name for each device (e.g. "Tablet 1", "Tablet 2" etc.) and then click Save.
  3. Go to Users > Create User and set up a profile for each of your devices. The user profile you create will be used to log into the guest-facing tablet or device. Please ensure that you set the Hop Role to "Hop Cast"
  4. If you now log in on the tablet, you will see the image you uploaded earlier


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  1. Double-click on your logo in the bottom left corner and a menu will appear. Use the drop-down to select the name of the device from the list of names that you set up in Option Sets earlier (if you only have one then this should already be showing and you just need to check it is correct) 



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  1. Press Done to save your changes and you are now ready to use Paperless Check In. 
  2. Now, when a guest arrives and you want to use Paperless Check In, click on the drop-down menu next to the reservation item (RESX number) in "Manage Reservations". A pop-up screen opens, select the device you want the guest to use and click "Cast to Device" 
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