Online Training Course - Self Check-In

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Hello and Welcome to the Online Training Course for our Self Check-In.

This course will give you a good look into our Self Check-In and how to do this yourself.

The Main Topics we will talk about are:

  • Check guests In and Out
  • How to set up the Self Check-In

To start, please login with your username and password.

Before we have a close look into the system, I will show you where you can get some help if you are stuck somewhere. On every page you will find the 'Info' and the 'Help Desk' Button on the top of the page.

The 'Info' Button will give you a closer description of how to use HOP and you will also find some Video Tutorials there. If there are still some questions open, please press the 'Help Desk' Button and this will direct you to your personal Help Page. From here you can have a look into some frequently asked questions, some Video Tutorials and you can also create a personal ticket, if your question is more specific.

Let's go back to our HOP system and start there.

Our Dashboard gives you good overview over your property.

It shows you how many Check-In and Check-Outs you have, it also gives you some daily details like Weather and Average Room Rate and many things more.

But let's start now with our Self Check-In.

The Self Check-In is designed to help the Receptionist to get all the details from a guest and it is also paperless.

Please be aware, you would still need a Receptionist who hands over the keys and helps with any problems.

The Self Check-In also only works with 2 different devices. The Receptionist would do the main work on her computer and you would also need a tablet or screen for the guest.

How to set the Self Check-In up and where to find it?

Before we start with our Self Check-In, there are a few things you have to do before.

First, you would need to set up a device in HOP. For this please click under 'Administration' and 'Option Sets' on the left side of your screen.

Please click the drop down menu and choose the option 'Guest Device'. As you can see, there are no Devices created. To create a new device please click '+ Add' and give this device a name and press 'Save'.


After you created your device, you would also need to create a new user, in order to login on your second device. For this, please go under 'User' and 'Create User'.

Please fill in the Username, an Email Address, First and Last Name and create a Password. For the 'Roles' it is really important to choose 'Hop Cast' and under 'Properties' please choose your property.

After you created the the User there is only one step left to do, before you can use the Self Check-In.

Please go under ' Administration' and 'Property'.

You will find an area in here called 'Self Check-In Image'. please upload and image of your hotel here, because this is the picture you will see on your tablet or screen.

After everything is set up for the Self Check-In you can start using it.

The Receptionist needs to login with her details on the computer as usual and go to 'Reservation' and 'Manage Reservation'.

On the tablet or the second screen please open the HOP software normal under:

Now login there with your new User Details for your device.

You will now see the picture you added under 'Administration' and this is also your normal screen for the second device.

How to use the Self Check-In?

In order to use the Self Check-In, the Receptionist first needs to look up the Reservation in her system. After she found it, please click the little arrow down and in here you will find the Self Check-In Option.

After you clicked 'Self Check-In' you would need to confirm, to which device it needs to cast the booking.

Click 'Cast to Device' and the booking will automatically show up on the tablet or second screen.

In the next screen the guest would need to tick the box that read and accepted the terms and conditions and would also need to sign directly on the screen. If he wants to read the Terms and Conditions first, he can simply click the button 'Terms and Conditions'. After he finished he would press 'Confirm Details and Check-In'.

It will now tell you, that the guest is checked-in successfully and that he would need to go to Reception to receive the keys.

On your computer you can now see that the guest is checked-in.

And if you click on the Reservation and open it, you can also see the stored signature of the guest.

As you can see, the Self Check-In is a quick option to receive all the details from your guest and also to go paperless.

But please be aware, the Self Check-In is only working, if the Night Audit is on the actual date and all the Rooms are either 'Clean Vacant' or 'Clean Vacant Inspected'. You are not able to check someone in into a dirty room. 

This was our Self Check-In, if you need more help, please feel free to also look into our 'Help' area where you can find closer descriptions about every area and also some Video Tutorials.

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