QuickBooks Integration

Modified on Thu, 26 Oct 2023 at 12:13 PM

To connect Hop to QuickBooks you should follow the below steps. If you have any questions at all, please contact Hop Support by raising a ticket in the portal, sending an email to help@hopsoftware.com or via Live Chat.

1. Log into Hop and go to the Administration > Integrations section.

2. Click on the "Authorise Integration" button. This will then open a new window and prompt you to login to QuickBooks. 

You will then be prompted to select the company within QuickBooks that you want to connect to and click the next button.

3. The window will then close and Hop will show that the connection has been established. Here you can also disconnect Hop and QuickBooks. Please click "Update Settings" after you have connected so the background job is created.

4. After connecting HOP and QuickBooks move to the configuration tab. Here, set the time you want the daily job to run. Also, it is not essential but it is highly recommended that an email address is added so a user is notified of when an export succeeds or fails. The email will contain information around any failures or data items missing due to setup.

5. The backfill data option allows any transaction data for a specific day in HOP to be pushed out to QuickBooks. Just select the required dates and click the run button. A journal will be created for each day in the range.

6. Please note all messages that appear in the emails will also appear in the audit log with further information available under the Details link.

7. You then need to configure the relevant software codes (Accounting Manager > Accounts Software Codes). These should match what is setup in QuickBooks.

Please note that these are not related to any settings in your QuickBooks software and must always be set as "JC" and "JD" for the export to recognise what is a debit and what is a credit.

QuickBooks Setup

1. Log in to QuickBooks and on the main page click the cog in the top right.

2. Click Account and settings.

3. The click Advanced and make sure the "Enable account numbers" option is set to on.

4. Click the accounting option down the left hand side then click the pencil icon in the top right of the grid.

5. You then need to add in the associated codes from HOP in the number section.

6. You can find out what the nominal codes are by opening up the accounts daily report in HOP. Any missing nominal codes which have not been setup correctly will show in the email for a failed export.

7. Once a successful export has occurred it can be viewed within the journal section. Back in QuickBooks, click on reports on the left hand side. In the "Find Report by Name" text box, type "Journal". When "Journal" appears, click on the item.

8. Then select the date. You will then see the journal. It can then be exported to Excel or PDF or printed.

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