Exporting data to Xero from Hop

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This guide is aimed at explaining how a user can export data to the invoices feature within Xero on a daily or weekly basis.


1. Log into Hop and navigate to the Administration > Integrations area.

2. Scroll down to the Xero configuration panel.

3. You will then need to give Hop permission to access the Xero account you want to export data to. Click the "Authorise Integration" button:

4. You will be redirected to the Xero login page, where you will need to enter your login details for Xero:

5. It will then prompt you to confirm you wish to give Hop access to Xero. Click "Allow Access" to proceed:

6. Once done, you will be redirected back to the property Integrations page and you will be able to see that Hop is now connected to Xero.

If you want to disconnect Hop from Xero, simply press the disconnect link and you will be met with the "Authorise Integration" button again:

7. You can then set up a number of key settings for the integration. These are as follows:

  • The first option is the option to include or exclude Hop's Guest Ledger from the export. By default, this is not ticked as the integration is designed to include this, however this choice will be influenced by your own accounting practices and preferences.
  • You have the choice of whether you would like the export to run on a Daily or Weekly basis. Please note that if you choose Weekly, this will generate one export for the preceeding week and not individual daily invoices at once.
  • The status of the invoice can be set here too; the three statuses are Authorised, Submitted and Draft. We recommend that latter as this will enable you to amend and delete the data sent to Xero by Hop easier than the other two.
  • You will also need to choose a time for the export to run. Please note that this integration uses your property's audit date as the invoice date, so you should make sure to schedule this AFTER your night audit has completed.
  • We highly recommend that you tick the box allowing Hop to send out an email after each Xero export. This is useful as it will provide you with any error messages that occur and we therefore suggest that you set this up for at least one email address.

8. Once you have done this, the job will now automatically run at the time and frequency specified to export the data and create an invoice in Xero for the time period selected.


The following steps need to be performed to configure your hotel's account and tax codes before using Xero. Please be aware that the codes in Hop need to match exactly with what is in Xero or the export will fail.

Credits and Debits 

Hop > Accounting Manager > Accounts Software Codes > Credit Sales Code / Debit Sales Code

Please note that these are not related to any settings in your Xero software and must be set as "JC" and "JD" for the export to recognise what is a debit and what is a credit.

Department Code

Hop > Accounting Manager > Accounts Software Codes > Department Code

This is referred to as the "Contact" in Xero.

Accounts Codes

Hop > Administration > Articles > Edit Article > Accounts Nominal Code

Xero > Accounting > Chart of Accounts 

Guest Ledger Code

Hop > Accounting Manager > Software Codes > Guest Ledger Code

Xero > Accounting > Chart of Accounts 

Payment Codes

Xero > Accounting > Chart of Accounts

Hop > Accounting Manager > Software Codes > Payment Method

Tax Codes

Xero > Accounting > Advanced > Tax Rates

Hop > Accounting Manager > Account Software Codes > Accounts Tax Codes

Hop > Accounting Manager > Account Software Codes

Invoices and Credit Notes

Once the daily/weekly job has run, it will create an invoice and a credit note in Xero (all payments and negative amounts such as refunds will be allocated to a credit note). This is because Xero does not allow invoices with a negative balance). 

The invoice will contain all revenue (e.g. accommodation, food, and drink etc) for the time period selected.

You can see the data in Xero by logging in, clicking "Business" then "Invoices".

Email Reports and Errors

An email is sent out after an import to indicate whether the export has succeeded or failed.

If an export has succeeded you will see something like this:

If there has failed, the email will clearly show all errors as to why the export has failed and will look something like this:

The above error is fairly common and it means the payment type that is being passed from Hop to Xero is not recognised. 

To fix this, go into Xero, click "Accounting" and "Chart of Accounts". If the payment type exists in both systems, you will need to check that the code from Xero has been entered correctly in Hop and the two match exactly. If the payment type is in Hop but not in Xero, you will need to click the "Add Account" button and fill in the relevant details. 

Next, choose the Account Type and fill in the missing details.

Back Fill Data

If you need to back fill data you can do this in Hop by going to Administration > Integrations and clicking on the 'Back Fill Data' tab in the Xero configuration section. 

You then just need to select a date range (if you are doing this for one day, you need to set the Start and End dates as the same e.g. 01/01/2022 - 01/01/2022) and press Run:

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