Setting up a rate plan with a dinner allocation

Modified on Wed, 4 Jan, 2023 at 4:32 PM

You may wish to create a rate plan that contains within it an allocation for dinner. For example, your DBB rate is £130 per night and £25 of that goes towards the guest's food. As long as they spend £25 or less, their food is covered by the nightly rate and if they spend more than £25 then the additional cost is charged to their room.


To set this up, first of all ensure that the article(s) that you are planning to attach to the rate plan is correctly set up in Administration > Articles so that the "Redeemed By Room Charge" box is ticked:

*Please be aware the article you choose for the charges should be the same as one that is mapped from your till if you are planning to charge this from the till to the reservation.


Next, create your rate plan, or edit an existing one. When attaching your article(s) to the rate plan, ensure that you are using the same article that has the "Redeemed By Room Charge" box ticked on it:

So, in the example above, this rate includes a £25 daily food allocation for Dinner. When the night audit runs that night, it will check whether the total amount posted to the room is less than, equal to or above the food allowance within their booked rate plan and only add on extra costs if it is higher. 


This will also work in a similar manner for breakfasts charged to a guest's room the morning after their stay. In this case, the amount of the room charge will be reduced as it comes over into Hop from your EPOS and any necessary recalculations will take place there and then i.e. It will only add to the guest's bill if the total for the breakfast is higher than the allowance within their booked rate plan.


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