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This is an overview of all your Rate Plans, with indications whether the plans are included in the Sales View and/or the Booking Engine and whether they are inactive. The third column along indicates the name of the rate plan it is derived from if it is a derived rate.

You can use the search field to find rate plans, only have rate plans of a certain rate plan bucket displayed and filter results by clicking on any of the headers.


Add a Rate PlanDetails 

Click on the +Add button on the top right, on the next screen complete the data fields to add a new Rate Plan. Select and include relevant articles (e.g. Accommodation) or services (e.g. Dinner) by ticking the respective boxes.




Set the Base Rate for the Rate Plan here. There are options to include supplements for certain Room Types and configure occupancy-based pricing if you want your room rate to change depending on the number of adults/children/infants etc (per person pricing only works for direct bookings through Hop and your booking engine not bookings through OTA's). To mark the Room Type active for the Rate Plan, tick the box in the Active column. 





If your rate includes Breakfast, Dinner etc you would add the articles on here. Select the correct article from the dropdown box and click +Add to add to the rate plan. You have the option to override the price if needed.

If you are adding for example a Bottle of Wine as it is included in the rate plan you would select the article and choose the charge night as on arrival before clicking add.

*Make sure you tick this box

This will ensure that the price of your articles is included within the rate plan.




If you want to include any services you would add them here, ticking the box to include them in the rate plan price if applicable.




Rate Plan – Promotions 

More than one Promotion can be added to a rate plan if you wish. 

Use Promo Code - If you are creating a rate plan for use by a specific customer or customer type (e.g. a corporate rate for a business that regularly sends its employees to stay with you) you can select Promo Code and just add the name of the code you want to supply to your customer.

Use Discount Code - If you wish to create one or more discounted promotions then you can select Discount code for this. Add a discount code name (e.g. "Flash Sale" or "Summer 2021") that your guests will need to enter when checking availability in order to access the discount and decide whether you wish your discount to be calculated as a monetary value or a percentage and then the amount to be applied (e.g. £25 or 15%). Next, you should decide which days of the week the discount will be applicable to, the stay dates it refers to (this is the Booking From and Booking To dates) and the validity dates of the offer itself (this is the Active From and Active To dates). Once all the details are filled in click Add.

Editing a  Promotion

It is also possible to edit the settings of an existing one. To amend the configuration of a Promotion, simply click on its name and then adjust any of the details as needed. Once you are happy with you changes, press Apply to Save them. 




If you want to add restrictions to your rate plan then make sure the box to Apply Rate Plan Restrictions is ticked. Once ticked you will see a tab for Restrictions appear.

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Please see the below image explaining what each restrictions entails.


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Once all the necessary details have been filled out over the tabs make sure you click Save.


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