I can't check a room out - Balance outstanding

Modified on Wed, 26 Jan 2022 at 02:43 PM

If you are having trouble checking a room out because there is a balance on it then you should check both the reservation (RES)and reservation item (RESX) transactions as normally you will find that night audit charges have posted onto one and payments have been posted onto the other.

The reason for this is the charge privileges that were selected for that reservation. These charge privileges are set when a booking is made in the system but can be changed.

 An example would be when making a reservation, on the charges page if you tick the charge to room box then accommodation, services, extras and food & beverage will all be charged to the reservation item.

When the guest comes to check in and you take payment you would need to post the payment in the RESX (reservation item) so that when the night audit posts the charges they will balance the room out to zero. If the payment is posted in the RES (reservation) then you would be unable to check the room out as the charges and payment are not in the same place. 

To check this you would need to 'View transactions' on the reservation. If it shows like the image below then click on the book logo into the right hand corner to view both the RES and RESX. You will now be able to see if your charges and payments are in different places. 

If they are not all in the same place then you just need to move what is in either the RES to the RESX or the RESX to the RES.

To do this click on the box to the right of the payment/charge. 

You will see a box appear that says move Transactions, click on this.

When you click on this you should see the same as the image above. I have have hi lighted what you should be looking at. The option to move this transaction to the reservation item (RESX), it will show you the RES number which is the one associated to the room. Click Move transactions and this will move the payment for you.

You will see that the payment has been moved to the RESX and the balance is Zero. This means you can now check the room out.

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