Running the End of Day

Modified on Sat, 15 Jan 2022 at 03:55 PM

If your EPOS system has been integrated with Hop then your End of Day (EOD) summary for your till transactions for each day will be transferred over to a house account in Hop so that you can use the PMS as a centralised basis for your reporting.

You can see these house accounts and view the transactions they contain by going to House Accounts > Manage within the PMS. When searching, you may find it easier to enter the exact name of the house account otherwise if you are using a date range you may end up looking through several pages oof results! The naming convention of these House Accounts is "End_of_Day_YYYY-MM-DD" therefore the data for 1st December 2021 would be in a house account called "End_of_Day_2021-12-01" for example.

Depending on your EPOS provider this can either be done manually when trade has finished for the day or can be set to run automatically at a time agreed by yourselves, however for reporting purposes this should ideally take place before your night audit runs. (Please note that any settings on your EPOS system need to be changed and amended by contacting them directly and not Hop.)

Some EPOS systems are set up to transmit their EOD data to Hop incrementally, so that each time a till transactionis processes it gets added to the daily House Account, which means that there is less chance of any issues as any errors can be picked up in real time rather than waiting for the data transfer to happen overnight.

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