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This will show your current Group Reservations. By clicking “Show Historic” or “Show Cancelled” you can view past group bookings and any cancelled bookings. The status of the bookings is shown on the right-hand side of the screen in the Status column.

Green circle with tick - Quotation Accepted

Half coloured star - Quotation sent

Uncoloured star - Created

Red Circle with line through - Cancelled


You can search Group Reservations by using the date range tabs at the top, filter by status on the upper right-hand corner of the screen or by typing into the search bar on the upper left-hand corner of the screen.



You can create a new Group Reservation by clicking “Create New”

At the top you have the option of Group Reservation Type as Tour Group or Corporate or Individual. This allows you better control over the booking. For example, you would use Tour Group or Corporate for coach companies and businesses whereas you would use Individual for perhaps a customer who is organizing the rooms for a one off occasion.

You need to fill out all the correct information next.



Arrival and Departure Date – You have the option to hide the price by clicking on the ‘Hide reservation rates?’ box to the right of the dates.

Next you need to add the rooms, so choose how many rooms, choose your room type, rate plan and any services or extras (this could be packed lunch for a coach party, spa access, bottle of wine, etc). 


Clicking on the smaller blue + will expand additional information, here you can Edit rates and assign rooms (you can also lock rooms by clicking on the padlock icon next to the room number), edit rates for additional guests and check that the total number of adults, children is correct for those rooms.



If you are adding multiple room types, then each room type needs to be added individually by clicking on the green plus the repeat the steps.

Next you need to fill in the rest of the information.


Market – Choose what is most appropriate e.g. Business, Individual, Corporate etc.

Source - Choose what is most appropriate e.g. Direct, Website, Repeat etc.

Referral Source - Choose what is most appropriate.


If you don’t require the above 3 fields to be mandatory, this can be selected under >ADMINISTRATION >PROPERTY


Group Name – You don’t need to fill this in, but if people are paying for their own room it may useful to utilise this for easy reference.

PO Number - You don’t need to fill this in, but if the reservation is for a coach company or similar you may need a reference in here that will show up on their invoice.

Account would be used for a company who has an account set up with you and are charging the group reservation to their account.

Event would be used if you are linking the group reservation to an event at your venue.

Notes can be used for anything you need to be aware of.

Provisional Expiry Date – If you want this to be a provisional booking, set an expiry date for the booking here.



Once you have filled in all the relevant details scroll back to the top and click on email setup. Here you can choose the appropriate email templates that you want to use if you have more than one set up.




Clicking on Summary will show you all the relevant information for this group reservation.

It is important that you click ‘Create Group Reservation’ to save this reservation.

You will see a green success message in the top right of your screen. 


If you see an error message it should tell you why or highlight the area in red that needs to be filled in. Examples shown below.

The reason for this is that there was no booker information filled in. 



This error message is because there are 5 rooms, but only 2 guests so you will need to correct the occupancy.



From the main Group Reservations screen you can click on the V button to open a drop down menu which gives you the following options.



Clicking on Edit Group Reservation will open the reservation back up, If the reservation is not in the status of Quotation accepted you can amend the dates or number of rooms from here making sure you click ‘Update Group Reservation’


If the status is ‘Quotation Accepted’ any changes will need to be done via Reservations >Manage Reservations

Clicking on ‘Edit Reservation’ will take you to the Manage Reservations page. Click on the RES number and from here you can bulk update changes to the dates, rate plan etc. You can also choose whether you want charges to go to the rooms rather than the reservation as a whole. This is useful for individuals from a group who are paying for their own accommodation and extras as it makes it easier on check out if the charges are in the right place. 


If you have made any changes you need to click on ‘Apply Changes’ for these to be saved.


Email Quotation will send the quote to the email address of the Individual or Company associated with the reservation.

Accept Quotation is exactly that. If the booker has confirmed they would like to go ahead this is what you would click on.

Cancel Group Reservation will cancel the reservation if the booker decides not to go ahead.


Once a quotation is accepted the options on the drop-down menu will show different options. 


Email Pro-forma invoice will send the pro forma to the email on the group reservation.

Update as Payment Received – Once you have received full payment you can change the status to this.


Please note if you get any errors when trying to send an email it will be because there is no email set for the booker/company or there is no email template configured/chosen.

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