What can I do with the Finance Reports?

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Payments Report

The Payments Report displays all payments entered into Hop on the selected dates. It displays payment method, guest name, payment description and amount settled. Download this report to PDF and it displays payments by ‘payments type’ (e.g Cash, Visa, Mastercard) with totals.

Payments Summary

This is a useful report used to show the total amount of payments settled grouped by payment type. This is used frequently by Receptionists when checking cash tills and Credit Card terminal reports at the end of their shift to ensure totals match and spot any errors. 


The Deposit Report lists all deposits currently held in Hop. Deposits are determined by the Arrival or Event Date – any payment that we hold for a future date must be recorded as a Deposit. This is for Financial and VAT purposes as we are holding funds for services that we have not yet provided. VAT is declared on deposits on the date payment is entered into Hop. Deposits are then ‘redeemed’ and removed from this report as reservations/events are checked in. This report is useful and very transparent for financial inspections as it displays the reference numbers, date we received deposit, date of arrival, total amount etc. Hop cleverly stores historical deposit information, therefore you can select past dates and access the report to see what deposits were held on that date.


This is a live report of all revenue charges by Article Main Groups. Historic revenue figures can be viewed by selecting date filters. The breakdown of revenue streams can be as broad or as limited to suit each business (this is selected by the business at the time of Article set-up).

Room Revenues

This is a flexible report where you can select filters to see the additional food/drink sales applied to reservations. You can view by Room Types or select individual Room Number/Name. 

In-house Balance

This is a live report of all in-house (checked-in) guests and bill balances including open House Accounts. This is important as every day we have a running balance of sales charged but still to be paid. For example – a room is staying for 3 nights, they have dinner on the first night and it is charged to their room - however they will not pay for this bill until they check out 2 days later. We have declared and recorded the sale on the first night but have no payment to match it off so we have to carry that balance forward. Historic balances can be viewed by changing date.


The Void Report displays of all voids that have been made on the filtered dates, includes reservations details, the user that processed the Void and reason for the Void.

Invoice Accounts

Displays all transactions that have been settled to Customer Ledger (bill back) on selected dates. ‘Account to Company’ is the payment method for when certain Companies or Agencies have credit facilities in place. This is defined in the Corporate CRM. There is also an option to download to pdf or CSV format for direct import to accounting software.

Trial Balance

This is a specific Accounting report which shows the movement of the date selected. As every day we are receiving & redeeming deposits as well as transferring sales to inhouse ‘guest ledger’ this report shows the full movement process. Deposit Ledger at the top – you have the Start Balance of deposits held on that day – then lists the deposits received, then totals deposits redeemed (transferred to in-house) and the final End Balance. Start Balance + Deposits Received – Deposits Redeemed = End Balance In-House Ledger – you have the Start Balance of the in-house reservations – then lists the revenues (sales) charged, then payments received, the deposits redeemed and the final End Balance. Start Balance + Revenue Received – Payments Received – Deposits Redeemed = End Balance


The Postings Report is a flexible report which shows all the postings for a selected date range – this can be filtered by Article Group, Payment Method and Origin of Charge (e.g. – Room Charge, manually charged). You can also search for a specific amount. This is a useful tool when looking into errors.

Open Transactions

Shows all the reservations where there is an open balance sitting, past dates are highlighted in red and should be actioned. Open Transaction can occur for various scenarios, but one would be when charges have been applied but the credit card for payment has declined – this report is a useful tool to highlight these issues.

Accounts Daily

This where you can Export Accounting Transactions in CSV file format for importing to your Accounting Software. This can be selected daily or by selecting multiple dates from calendar. This is configured to map with Accounting Software codes.

House Account Report

This report lists all deposits and outstanding balances of House Accounts only. This is useful for checking specifically event deposits.


This Discount Report shows all discounts that have been applied on selected dates. It displays the reservation details, user that granted the discount, amount and reason for discount. Another useful tool for reviewing discounts given whether it is for complaints, special promo vouchers or staff discounts.

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