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This screen lists any events that have been created. You can search them by name, event status and date range. You can also print off this overview. You can narrow them down by choosing a specific type of event you want to search for or print.


Click on the column headers to sort the information and use the Choose columns button which is under the Statuses to remove any columns that you do not need.

When you first go to the Manage Events page the statuses showing will be Offer, Provisional, Confirmed and In Progress by default. You can expand this by clicking on any of the other statuses (Completed, Cancelled and/or Show Historic). Whatever boxes are grey are the ones that you have selected.  


From here you can also view the House Account attached to an event by clicking on the HA number to the far right.



You can print the Event Summary for an event and print or download the Function Sheet by clicking on the dropdown arrow next to the printer icon on the right-hand side. If you have numerous function sheets set up for that event type you will be given the option for each of these here.


Creating A New Event


To set up a new event, click the +Add button on the top right of the screen. Once you clicked+Add, a new screen will load.





At the top you will see several tabs. Start with the current one which is the Details. Once you have selected the Event type a Custom tab will appear as well and have all the custom fields you have created for this event type.



The fields for Event Name, Event Type, Start/End as well as Total Attendees and Description are mandatory (do not leave the fields blank). Below the Event name field you can set a status (e.g. offer/provisional/confirmed) and further down you can select which of your event confirmation emails should be used for this event (if you have more than one).


Next you will need to enter the name of the person (Lead Booker) who booked the event (the confirmation email will be sent to the email address associated with the booker). If the individual is already in your CRM database, you will find them by typing their name.If you need to create a new profile, simply write their name in the box and click the + button right of the field  this will open a pop-up, please provide any information you have on the booker and then click on Add individual. You can also add company info (from your CRM database or new) and a house account – if you do not want to use an existing one, a new one will be created for the event.

Once you've saved an event you can also create Recurring events, for example if this event is going to be held daily, weekly, monthly or yearly you just need to fill in the 4 boxes shown below and it will copy the information for you. You'll find this option along the bottom column where you would Save the event.

You can now click “Save” if you wish and a pop-up will appear to add a follow up task,(this is useful for a number of things including reminding you to follow up on a provisional event for confirmation, chasing a deposit or final payment) it can be assigned to the relevant person with the company and will appear on your events dashboard. If you choose to make use of this click Save once you have filled this in or click cancel if you do not want to add a follow up task. From here you will be taken to your “Manage Events” overview. 

 The other tabs in the event are as follows:


  • Custom is where all the custom fields you have created for this specific event type will appear and can be completed accordingly.
  • Event Rooms lets you allocate a room or several rooms to your event, if you have multiple rooms you can set the times the event will be in each room. (You can edit or add new rooms in Events > Rooms if you need to do so.)
  • Rates is where you can choose which one of your packages you would like to apply to the event. You can add separate articles if you wish by clicking “Add Charge”, selecting an Article (with the option to charge per guest, amount or quantity by ticking the box below the chosen article and enter a price. You can add multiple charges. There is also the option to add Services which will be charged per person.
  • Notes is where you can put any notes specific to the event, you can also add multiple attachments here or link documents such as the contract. (The event must have been saved first to allow the adding of attachments.) 
  • Reservations is where you can directly add bedroom reservations linked to the event. The process is the same as in the Reservations > Manage Reservations screen.
  • History will show any changes that have been made to the event and includes the date, time and user who made these. 
  • Revenue will show you all charges (articles) added to the event and show the forecasted revenue. The revenue can be edited from here if needed by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the prices. 


Once your event has been saved if you click on the drop down next to the event name you see multiple options. Manage Event for Shop is where you can select if the event can be sold online through Hop Shop. When this is ticked you fill in the details you wish to show online. You will then see a Slots and Orders tab here you will see the slots (once created in the Shop and linked to the event) and any orders that have been made. For more information on setting this up click here.

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