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Modified on Wed, 6 Dec, 2023 at 9:32 AM

This is your database of all Corporate / Company records. Every booking can be attached to a company from this database. You can use the search bar to filter by name, address or email. 


To create a new record, click on the “+Add” button. You have the option to provide details on the company (Industry, potential revenue, etc.) and add notes, which can only be seen by users with access rights. 


On the left-hand side you will see a menu with six tabs.  

Start by filling in the Details. You will see information already filled in on the following images to show you an example of what information to enter.  


Contact is where you can add the address and contact numbers for this company. 


Notes - You can add whatever notes are useful for this company here. 



Correspondence shows a log of any communication sent through Hop to that client, so any booking confirmations, invoices etc will be shown here. 



Payments is where you can log a preferred rate plan for the client and you can also log their preferred payment method.  


If the payment method is credit card you can store their card details here. When you select ~Credit Card you will see a box appear. Click on the + icon to add card details. Once entered they will appear below the box. You can add more than one card and can choose to set one as the primary when entering the card details.


Credit - You can add the Accounts Receivable Number here and choose if the client has credit facilities or if they are suspended by selecting the tick-box. You can enter a Credit Limit and Payment Terms. 




To delete a Corporate profile, click the trash can icon. 


Existing Corporate Accounts 

If you click into an existing corporate account this will show you a graph of nights stayed month to date and year to date as well as revenue month to date and year to date compared to the previous year. 

You can also edit contact details, credit limits etc. from this field. 

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