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This is where you can update the settings and style of your booking engine. You can work your way through the key settings and configuration to ensure the booking engine displays the best way for you.


Booking Engine Styling, Logo and CSS

Here you can change the booking engine browser icon and logo. To change the colours of the booking engine you can contact the support team to upload a custom style sheet for you.

Analytic Settings

If you use Google analytics on your website and wish to carry this over to the booking engine pages, this is where you can enter your GTM container ID. The same applies if you have a Facebook pixel ID, it can be added here.


This is where you can configure your booking engine settings to what you require.

Max rooms for Group Booking - If you want to set a limit on how many rooms one person can booking then set it here. 

Enable location filtering - If you have different locations for your property you would have this ticked.

Enable iCal feed - If you are wanting to use iCal you would tick this box. You would then see an iCal URL when you go to Rooms > Room Types.

Hide promo code box on landing page - If you do use promotion or discount code then you can tick this to hide the box on the booking engine.

Enable choice of payment method - We have introduced the ability for properties to give their customers the option to 'Pay Later' on the Hop Booking Engine and settle their bill by invoice (whether that be a company or themselves) without entering any card details. For obvious reasons, this is something that we have given you complete control over and so will only ever appear to guests if all the criteria have been met. 

Accommodation Unit Singular - You would add what your accommodation units are called here. e.g. room, cottage etc.

Accommodation Unit Plural - You would add what your accommodation units plural are called here. e.g. rooms, cottages etc. 

County Label/Placeholder - If you wish to change the label for County, you can do so here.

Postcode Label/Placeholder - If you wish to change the label for Post Code, you can do so here

Promocode Label/Placeholder - If you wish to change the label for Promo Code, you can do so here

No Availability Message - If you wish to change the message shown when there is no availability, you can do so here.

Show Room Configuration question - If you have rooms that can be set as a twin or double/king size (zip and link) then you can choose to give customers the option to select this when booking.

Property Description - If you are using the property group Booking Engine, enter a property description here.

Hotel Rating - Leave the Rating Provider blank if you are self-assessed. If your provider is not listed, please email to let us know.

Supported Languages - Currently we only support French. If selected please ensure the translations are set up in Translations.

Same Day Booking Time Restrictions - If you do not want rooms available to sell on the same day after a certain time for any reason you can enable it here. Tick the box, select the time and add a message to be displayed.

*Please note that "same day booking restrictions" set here ONLY apply to the booking engine (your website), to set up same day restrictions on any connected OTA’s like, you would need to contact the OTA directly to set this up.


Company Details - Add the registered company office address here for display on the booking engine. 

Credit Card Logos - Select which credit card logos you want to appear on the booking engine.

Default Market/Sources - The default markets/sources allow you to set up the Source and Market for bookings that come through the booking engine. If you prefer for the market to remain as the one set in the Rate Plan then simply tick the ‘Use rate plan market if set’ box.

Terms and Conditions - You can add your term and conditions as a PDF file or a URL link if you have this set up already on your website.


Privacy Policy - You can add your privacy policy as a PDF file or a URL link if you have this set up already on your website.

Occupancy Controls - Add in the text you want to use for under the Adult, Children and Infants options. 

If no Children or Infants are allowed then leave the boxes unticked.

Default Occupancy Values for Search - You can set the number of Adults, Children and Infants shown by default here. People normally set the Adult value as 2 but you can set it to whatever you feel is suitable.

Booking Engine Split Bookings - Selecting this option will offer guests a split booking option via the Booking Engine if one room type is not available for the full length of their stay. 

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