Administration - Automatic Payments

Modified on Wed, 07 Jun 2023 at 03:09 PM

To activate the Automatic Payment feature, please contact Hop Support.

Once this has been added for you, go to Administration > Automatic Payemnts.

To set up a new Automatic Payment, click the “+Add” button on the top right of the screen. Type a name (for example “50% prepayment” or “Full payment”), tick the “Active” box and then save. After saving, you’re taken back to the previous screen. You’ll now see the name you typed in and several icons to the right of it, one in the “active” column, next to it a red trash can icon (delete) and on the very right a “Configure” icon. Please click this wheel icon to configure. 

On the next screen, please click “+Add Configuration”. You can choose the Automatic Payment Type as “Days Before Arrival” or “Time of booking”. If you chose the former, enter a number of “days before arrival” next, if you selected “time of booking” the “days” field will disappear. The third field “Percentage to Charge” refers to the amount you want to take – key in 100% for full payment, or a lesser amount for a partial payment. If you enter a partial value to be taken X days before arrival (e.g. “5 days before arrival – 50%”), you can add another configuration (e.g. “2 days before arrival – 50%”) in line with your payment policy.

To complete the process, please go to Administration > Policies edit each policy to update your payment policy/policies so that they reflect these changes. You can select the automatic payment that applies from the drop down list then save.

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