Accounting Manager - Account Export Settings

Modified on Fri, 05 Jan 2024 at 11:06 AM

This is where you setup the export for your accounting data that you will use to import into your account solution. 

Each account solution will have its own import files that will vary in how the data is organised, this is where you can configure the export file to match your import file. 



This is just the name for the export settings.


Export Column Header:

If your import file requires a column header then check this box and the headers will pull through to the export file.


Export Journal Credit (JC) Entries as Negative Numbers:

If your accounts solution requires credit transactions to show as negative numbers rather than the credit transaction type you will need to check this box.


Convert Negative to Positive and reverse codes?:

Depending on the import requirement logic of your accounts solution your debits and credits my need switching. If in doubt please check with your solution provider. 


Exclude zero-value transactions?:

Excluding this will stop transactions with a 0 value from displaying within the accounts export.


Split amount and VAT into separate columns:

Some accounts software will want the Net and vat in separate columns as opposed to separate lines.


Split credit and debit columns:

Some accounts software may require debit and credit transactions to be split into separate columns rather than being in all one column and differentiated by a transaction type code e.g. +/-


Date Format:

Specify the date format required e.g. dd-mm-yyyy or mmm-dd-yyyy



Does your file require a character to separate the data? e.g. A (,) in a csv file.



Export Fields

Header, Field & Sort Order. These can be edited by adding and deleting new fields. Once completed, press the Save button.

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