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Modified on Tue, 15 Aug 2023 at 03:27 PM

The snapshot report allows you to measure sales performance against a previous year. It does this by using multiple occupancy metrics. 

You can select which month you want the report to start measuring from, the year you want to compare against and the number of months you want to compare. You can also search by room category to be more detailed in your comparison. 

This report also includes the ability to see the pickup over a selected periodThe date range you select for the pickup period should be the dates between which you want to see how many new bookings were createdYou can also pick a point in time to compare against, this will display just that days Metrics. 

The snapshot report displays the data in a grid format. You can select which metrics you want to see on the grid. To change what is displayed on the grid select or unselect the tick boxes in the top left-hand corner. 


The Grid Columns Currently Display: 

  • The Year  

  • Comparison Year  

  • Point in Time  

  • Difference: This is difference between Year and Comparison year  

  • Target {the year}: This will show the Targets that have been set for the year selected. 

The Grid Rows Currently Display: 

  • OCC:  The occupancy by percentage %  

  • REV:  The room revenue  

  • ARR:  The Average Room Rate (Total Room Revenue / Total Rooms Sold) 

  • RevPAR: This shows the Revenue Per Available Room (Average Daily Room Rate x Occupancy Rate) 

  • Rooms: How many rooms were sold 

  • Pick Up: How many rooms that were created in the pickup window are within this period. 

Please note that revenue figures are displayed net of Standard Tax (VAT). 


This report can be exported in PDF and CSV format. 

You can update targets by going to Administration > Targets  

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