Front Desk Reports - Cancellations

Modified on Wed, 07 Jun 2023 at 03:09 PM

You can use this report to search for any cancelled reservations in the system 


You can search in several different ways. 

  • Use the search box, by guest name or RES number. 

  • Using the Date from and Date to on the date(s) that you specify, this can be used in conjunction with Cancellation Date/Arrival Date.  You can select a date range and choose Arrival Date and you will be shown all arrivals within that date range have been cancelled. Alternatively, if you choose Cancellation Date it will list all cancellations that were made within the dates chosen.  


The information shown is Reservation number, Room No (if allocated), Guest/Booker name, Company, Number of Nights, Rate Plan, Arrival Date, Date Cancelled, Price, Cancellation Reason (if given) and Notes if there are any. If there are notes on the booking then an i’ icon will be displayed in this column, hove your cursor over the i to display the notes. 


Click on any of the column headers to order the results how you would like. For example, clicking on Date Cancelled will order the results in the date they were cancelled earliest date to the most recent. If you click on it again it will flip the results to most recent first. Notes are shown on both the PDF and CSV downloads. 


This report can be downloaded in CSV or PDF format.  

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