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Modified on Thu, 14 May 2020 at 10:56 AM

Core Sales Types

All Clover clients should be set up with the following sales types:

  • Dry
  • Wet
  • Discount
  • Misc
  • Tip

Dynamic Sales Types

Traditionally, the HOP Bill to Room app has had a fixed set of labels (Dry, Wet and Misc) that needed to be set up for all products in the Inventory app.

This was not very flexible so a change has been implemented to make them dynamic.

Any label can now be added so the sales types can be a lot richer. So instead of "Dry" you could have "Chicken", "Beef", "Pizza" and "Sandwich" which gives a hotel more flexibility.

Some hotels use these labels for more than one purpose. For instance, they may label a steak for example as "Dry" but also add another label called "Kitchen" so the staff know that dish needs to be sent to the kitchen to cook but a pint of lager would just be set as "Wet".

We have handled this in the app previously by looking for the set of three labels of "Dry" and "Wet" and when the app finds one then that is applied to the charge. If none are found then "Misc" is applied. Now the labels have been set as dynamic this presents a problem, if a product is labelled as "Steak" and "Kitchen" which one does the app know to pick up?

For any labels that are required for sales type mapping in HOP it is important that a number is placed in front of them.

For example:





The app will order the labels alphabetically and pick the first one it finds. This way adding other labels such as "Kitchen" will not cause any issues with the sales types.

All mappings should have a Discount mapping configured. This is so that any discounts which are applied can be tracked in HOP.

Important - Please check that you have a Default Article for EPOS Charges set in the Administration area of Hop. 

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