Feature Release Notes 13th June 2024

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We have been busy enhancing and streamlining our CSL processes. The key changes to note are:

  • We now have three options for our Customer Sales Ledger
    • Full CSL, Partial CSL (Account to Company payments only) and No CSL active.
  • How to process refunds and credit note creation
  • Ability to Unlink Payments and Credit Notes from activities.

Please see below a full guide on all new aspects of the CSL.

The 3 new options for CSL can be found in Administration > Property.

To use all features of the CSL choose the first option this will enable you to manage your customer ledgers fully in Hop.

If you prefer to manage your customer ledger in an external accounts package and wish to use only the “Account to Company” payment method in Hop. You can then export the data on the accounts daily report or through your direct integration to Xero/Sage or Quickbooks.

Our third option will mean the CSL and any features linked to the CSL will be hidden for your property. You can activate the CSL at any time.

Managing Payments on Reservations/House Accounts:

If you are using our Full or Partial CSL, to be able to add an Account to Company payment on a Reservation or House Account you must first ensure a Corporate Account has been set up. For full CSL usage the account must be set up with Credit Facilities enabled. You can find more about this here https://help.hopsoftware.com/support/solutions/articles/43000069528

You will need to add the appropriate Corporate Account to either the Reservation or House Account.

Once you have the final bill on check out instead of using Cash or Credit Card as a payment option use “Account to Company” Enter in the amount whether this is the total of the stay or partial billing of the reservation and click add transaction.

For Full CSL users, after the payment has been added to your Reservation or House Account this will now display as an activity on your Customer Sales Ledger.

For Partial CSL users, this will be recorded the same as your other payment methods.

Managing Your Customer Sales Ledger: 

Next we will look at how to manage your CSL from adding payments to clear the balance, how to refund and the management of Credit Notes.

Adding a Payment- 

To clear the balance of your outstanding invoices you can add a payment directly onto the Customer’s Account and choose the appropriate method of payment.

This will then reduce the balance owed on this account. You can also settle certain invoices with a payment transaction.

For example you receive a payment of £1000 from the company you can apply this payment to certain invoices to “Settle” these transactions.

Once settled you can view these by ticking include settled transactions.

If your payment equals more than the sum of the invoices chosen the remaining amount will be added to the account in a separate transaction and can be used against another invoice in the future.

To use an existing payment transaction on the CSL select the transaction using the white square you will then see the “Apply Payment” button appear. Choose the Invoice you would like to settle and click apply.

To refund a transaction: 

We have introduced a new way to refund via the CSL to streamline processes and ensure correct accounting.

All refunds must be processed through the original reservation or house account.

When you refund the Account to Company payment you will be presented with the article you wish to discount along with the refund.

This will simultaneously refund the amount and add a discount to the reservation or house account.

This in turn will create a Credit Note on the Customer Sales Ledger for the required amount.

You can view and download the Credit Note which can be sent over to the customer if required. This will display the VAT from the article which was discounted.

You will also be able to view the original invoice and current invoice.

Once the credit note has been created you can then apply to a specific invoice when required.

Select the white box on the credit note transaction this will display a new button to apply credit note. On the pop up you can then select the invoice/invoices wish to apply the credit note.

If your credit note is more than the invoice you wish to apply this to, you can split the credit note over multiple invoices until it has all been used up.

If the credit note pays off the invoice fully this will automatically set the invoice to settled status on the account.

Unlinking/Voiding Transactions.

There may be cases where you need to move or unlink payments on an account or credit notes as they were added in error or need to be moved to a different activity.

In this example we will unlink the credit note.

You can see this invoice has been settled, if we unlink the credit note this will move the credit note to a different transaction line and unsettle the invoice.

The balance for the invoice has now been updated to £100 and is now showing as unsettled.

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