Feature Release Notes 6th March 2024

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  • No Show Widget on Dashboard
  • Ability to Copy a Rate Plan & Rate Plan Package
  • Customise Cancellation Reasons on your Booking Engine
  • Breakfast Forecasting Report
  • Yield Management Close at Occupancy Level on Derived Rates
  • Direct Integration with Koobles
  • App Booking Tracking/Reporting

No Show Widget:

We have added a new widget you can add to your customized dashboard. This will display by default any no show reservations for the previous day.

You can filter by date if you wish to search for a different day’s no show reservations. The reservation number is clickable and will take you to the Manage Reservation options for the booking selected.

Ability to Copy a Rate Plan & Rate Plan Package:

You are now able to copy and existing rate plan or rate plan package, if you click the drop down option you will see “Copy Rate Plan”.

This will copy key fields such as Description, Details, Articles added to the rate plan and the base rate which has been set.

You can then update as required ensuring you add all mandatory fields.

Customise Cancellation Reasons on your Booking Engine: 

First in option sets add in the values you wish to display as options for cancellation reasons.

In Booking Engine configuration you will then need to tick the below option to require the customer to enter a cancellation reason.

The customer will be presented with the below pop up when cancelling their booking online.

Breakfast Forecast Report.

The breakfast forecasting report provides insights into breakfast requirements for guests. Users can access this report in the Front Desk section under Reports. The report offers filtering options by date of stay and whether breakfast is included in the guest's rate. Users can also customize the columns displayed in the report to meet their specific information needs.

Close at Occupancy Yield Management Rule for Derived Rates: 

We have now introduced being able to apply a yield management rule to “Close At Occupancy Level” for derived rates.

You will give your new rule an easily identifiable name. Select the rate plan and room types you wish to apply the rule to.

Add in your date range and applicable to days of the week.

Add in your occupancy thresholds for when you want the rule to apply.

Direct Integration with Kooble:

We are pleased to announce a new integration with Kooble. This integration provides seamless connectivity with Kooble, a cooperative booking platform co-owned by Scottish hospitality businesses. Users can manage their calendar and rates for Kooble directly through the system. Similar to other OTA connections, reservations from Kooble are automatically synced with live availability, rates, and restrictions in the system.

Get in touch with Help@hopsoftware.com to get up and running with our new channel.

App Booking Engine Reporting: 

or properties utilizing the mobile app, this feature allows for tracking bookings originating from the app. Users need to define a new "App" booking source in the system's option sets and configure it in the Booking Engine settings. This enables properties to differentiate and analyse bookings made through the mobile app separately.

Overall, these features enhance functionality, customization options, and integration capabilities within the system, catering to the diverse needs of hospitality businesses.

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