Feature Release Note 20/09/23

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  • HopShop – Ability to add multiple products/tickets to a ticketed event.
  • Custom registration cards
  • Totals added to Occupancy Report
  • Ability to download and print documents and function sheets linked to an event
  • Ivvy integration
  • Premier Spa integration

HopShop – Ability to add multiple products / tickets to ticketed event.

We have added the functionality to ticketed events so you can now offer multiple booking options for your guests. The most used scenario would be in the case you offer adult and child options with these being at different costs as you can see in the example below.

You will need to set a default product which would be the most popular option.

For manually added orders you can add extra tickets and choose in the drop down the other ticket type or product.

The guest will now be able to select multiple ticket options and select their quantities when booking online. The selection can then be seen on the summary of “Your Order”.

When the order has been made you can see the order overview below.

Custom registration cards

We have introduced the ability to create your own custom registration cards in Hop. With similar functionality to your email templates, you can add the required information using Custom Fields.

We have some default snippets for ease of use including a dummy structure which can be amended to suit your requirements.

Add images, tables, change fonts and more to bespoke your registration cards.

** Please note any custom registration cards that have been created by the Hop team will remain as usual unless the “Use as the default template” option has been ticked**

Preview at any time to ensure your registration cards look exactly how you wish.

Totals added to Occupancy Report

After many requests we have added the totals to the Occupancy Report. For some columns for example the occupancy percentage we have taken the average over the date range selected. This report is downloadable with the totals in both CSV and PDF.

Ability to print document attachments with function sheets.

We have introduced the option to be able to download and print all documents attached to an event giving you access to all documents required for your event.

This will save you time preparing for your meetings and give you the ability to easily distribute function sheets and documents between hotel departments.

IvVy Integration

We are excited to announce our long-awaited partnership with IvVy a fantastic events platform. The new integration will allow hotels to send availability / rates directly to IvVy. You can manage your group bookings with a seamless two-way integration which will update any changes in both systems within seconds.

For more information regarding this integration please contact sales@hopsoftware.com

Premier Core Integration

Creating a spa reservation has never been easier! Our front desk feature allows you to make a reservation in Hop, navigate to the Spa tab, and choose from available appointments and packages all in one place.

Experience a seamless spa integration like no other with Hop.

For more information regarding this integration please contact sales@hopsoftware.com

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