Feature Release - 06.10.2021

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This feature release includes a number of behind-the-scenes changes which will improve performance of the PMS. We have, however, also implemented several changes to the HopApp, channel manager and our Hotel Cloud Integration.


  • App - Gallery
  • App - Feedback section
  • App - View on Google Maps
  • App - Welcome Links
  • App - Clarify user input of reservation number
  • App - Ability for device password manager to store app password
  • Channel Manager - Expedia Virtual Cards
  • Hotel Cloud - House Account data

If you are using the Hop App, please ensure that you download the latest version from the App Store or Google Play store to ensure you do not miss out on these new features!

Please share this with all relevant staff at your property.

We would love to hear your feedback on our new features; please feel free to use the Comments section below.

App - Gallery

We have now added a photo gallery to the More screen within the App. This will utilise a hotel’s room type photos to display a scrollable photo carousel for guests to be given an overview of the rooms within the property.

App - Feedback section

Following a request from a member of the Hop community, we have now updated the Feedback section within the App so that Shop users who do not have "rooms" can also receive feedback (i.e. those who use the HopShop and App primarily for table service in a bar or restaurant setting. To do this we have now renamed the "Room Reviews" section in the PMS to "Feedback" and moved it from the Rooms menu into CRM instead. There will be no change to any pre-existing reviews or historical data at all.

App - View on Google Maps

Within the Information section of the App we have now added a 'View on Google Maps' link so that guests can see your location on their phone.

View on Google Maps

This information is taken from your property’s geographical coordinates, which can be stored in the PMS by going to Administration > Property and then scrolling down until you see the latitude and longitude boxes in the Property Details section, just underneath your address and check in times:

Latitude and Longitude

If you update this information, please remember to press the Update Details button to save your changes.

App - Welcome Links

In the PMS there is a new section called 'Welcome Links' located at Administration > Mobile App just underneath the Welcome Documents. This means that you can now also upload weblinks instead of PDF documents and also give them a name, so that the information you provide to your guests can be as rich and detailed as you would like.

Welcome Links

Within the App itself, there is no change to how these are displayed except for the fact that when you click on them a webpage will open instead of a PDF document.

App - Clarify user input of reservation number

We have now updated the Stays screen on the App so that when a guest is searching for their reservation, the App will allow input of the RES or RESX number with or without the preceding letters. This will make it easier for guests who copy and paste the number from their confirmation email as the App will intelligently work out which of the two reference numbers is being used.

App - Ability for device password manager to store app password 

The HopApp now allows a user’s phone to store and recall their login credentials, as long as their phone settings are correctly configured.

Channel Manager - Expedia Virtual Cards

We are pleased to announce that we have updated our Channel Manager to collect Expedia Virtual Card numbers automatically at 06:00 on the day of check-in. This means that Hop will perform a check in the background each day and pull through the virtual card details onto these reservations, which will allow you to charge them through Hop without having to collect the details from the Expedia Extranet and manually enter them into the PMS. No action is required by any customers for this to be activated – this new setting will be applied automatically to each hotel in turn.

Hotel Cloud - House Account data

For those customers who use our Hotel Cloud integration, we have now added house account data to the export. This runs once per day and will push through the last seven days’ worth of house account data to Hotel Cloud. To schedule the time of day that this is sent, please go to Administration > Integrations and change the ‘End of Day Transactions Run time’ setting (please note, though, that this should not be set to run before your night audit has completed or End of Day EPOS transactions have come over to Hop).

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