Product Release 06.07.2021

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This feature release includes several significant changes to the Hop Shop and Hop App, as well as one change to the Room Schedule screen in the PMS.

If you are using the Hop App, please ensure that you download the latest version from the App Store or Google Play store, and encourage your customers to do the same, to ensure that you do not miss out on these great new features!

Please share this document with all relevant staff at your property. We would love to hear your feedback on our new features; please feel free to use the Comments section below.


  • Customer Login - Booking Engine and Shop
  • Customer Login - Hop App
  • Customer Login - Custom Email templates
  • Customer Login - Edit User Details
  • Customer Login - Change Password
  • Customer Login - Previous bookings
  • Customer Login - Previous Orders
  • Hop Shop - Cancel Order
  • Hop Shop - Basket to review order
  • Hop Shop - Disable Charging to Room for Table Service
  • Hop Shop - Add a Gratuity to an order
  • Hop App - ResDiary integration
  • Room Schedule - Move locked rooms

Customer Login – Booking Engine and Shop

We have now added the ability for customers to log into the Booking Engine and Hop Shop so that their details will be remembered for next time. Customers can log in on any device regardless of whether this is a computer, mobile or your hotel-branded Hop App.

When placing an order on your Booking Engine or Hop Shop, customers will be asked whether they wish to create an account as they are entering their details:

Once a customer has created an account, they will be sent an email to verify their account. Once this has been clicked the next time that they come to make a reservation, they can click the Login button on your Booking Engine landing page, which is in the top left corner of the screen:

If using the Hop Shop, then the Login button will also appear in the same location:

Customer Login - Hop App

On the App, customers instead will have the option to Register or Login on the 'Info' tab of the app:

Their details will be remembered for the duration of the time they are logged into the app and will automatically be pulled through to any reservations or orders that they create.

Customer Login - Custom Email templates

Three new default email templates have been added to the PMS:

  • Welcome Email
  • Forgot Password Email
  • Confirm Email Change

If you wish to customize these with your hotel branding and alternative wording, we have added new custom email template types in Administration > Templates so that you can do so:

Customer Login - Edit User Details

Customers can manage their account details by clicking on the Edit User Details button whilst logged in:

This includes the ability to change the user's registered email address. If this is updated, then an email will be sent to the new address asking the customer to click on a link and verify their email address.

Customer Login - Change Password

Customers can change their password by clicking on the Change Password button whilst logged in:

Customer Login - Previous bookings

Your customers will now be able to see a list of all reservations that they have made with their login, along with the status:

Clicking on a reservation will expand its details, where further relevant information can be found.

Customer Login - Previous Orders

Your customers will now be able to see a list of all orders that they have made with their login, along with the status:

Clicking on an Order will expand its details, where further relevant information can be found.

Hop Shop - Cancel Order

We have now introduced the ability for you to be able to cancel a Shop order within the PMS. To do this, please go to Shop > Orders and click the dropdown menu next to the order number where you will now see a new ‘Cancel Order' option:

You will see that we have moved the 'View Order' and 'Download Order' buttons into this menu, as well as the 'Mark Order as Complete' button.

When you click on 'Cancel Order' you will be asked whether you also wish to provide a refund as well. Doing so will return payment back to the card that was used to place the order originally and void all charges from the House Account or Reservation in question. You will be asked to select a Void Reason and a Refund Reason when doing this – these menu choices can be found in Administration > Option Sets if you need to amend or add to them.

Please note that Room Service orders cannot be refunded as they will not have been paid for yet, and the charge will need to be manually voided from the Reservation.

Hop Shop - Basket to review order

For customers browsing your Shop in mobile view or on the App we have now added a "shopping basket" giving them the ability to review their order and add or remove items. This brings the mobile experience more into line with that of customers on a computer as in full-screen mode there is an order summary box at the side of the screen.

Once an item has been added to an order, a button called 'View Basket' will appear at the bottom of their screen:

If the customer presses 'View Basket' it will expand to fill the screen and allow them to review and edit their basket:

They can then either choose to 'Add more items' or press 'Continue' to go to the payment screen.

Hop Shop - Disable Charging to Room for Table Service

We have added a new setting in the PMS to allow you to decide whether or not customers are given the option to charge a table service order to their room if they are a guest in your hotel. In some circumstances, this may not be appropriate (e.g. if your shop or restaurant is a standalone entity). By default, this setting is enabled for all users however if you do not wish to allow this, please navigate to Shop > Configuration and untick the following box:

Hop Shop - Add a Gratuity to an order

We have now added the ability for customers to optionally add a gratuity (tip) to their order. To turn on this setting, head to Shop > Configuration in the PMS and scroll to the bottom of the screen, underneath the tick-box for Table Service. Once here, tick the box called 'Enable Gratuity' and then you will be asked to fill in two additional fields. The first one lets you choose which order types you wish to allow customers to add a gratuity to when placing an order and the second asks you to define which of your articles you wish the gratuity charge to appear against:

Once you have set this up, customers ordering via the web will be asked if they would like to add a Gratuity to their order and will be given the choice of typing an amount in manually or selecting a 5%, 10% or 15% amount which will be calculated for them:

And also in the Order Summary, so that they can amend the amount before they confirm the order:

Hop App - ResDiary integration

If your hotel uses ResDiary and it has been integrated with Hop, your guests will now have the option to and manage their table bookings via the Hop App if you also use this. To enable this, please log into the PMS and go to Administration > Mobile App and tick the 'Table Booking' Active box:

Now, when a guest logs into the app and loads their reservation, they will see a new 'Dine' tab across the bottom of the screen. This tab will allow them to create a new table booking or manage any bookings that are already linked with their room reservation:

Booking a table simply requires them to choose your restaurant (in case you have more than one) and link to their reservation:

Choose a date:

And then confirm their details:

Room Schedule - Move locked rooms

We have added option on the room Schedule to move locked rooms. This option is stored in a cookie so a user will only need to select this once and it will remain ticked when using the same device. Once ticked, users will be able to move locked rooms should they need to do so.

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