Product Release - 09.06.2021

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This feature release includes a number of improvements to Hop Shop and the ability to sell event tickets through Hop Shop.

Please share this with all relevant staff at your property.

We'd love to hear your feedback on our new features; please feel free to use the Comments section below.


  • Sell event tickets online
  • Hop Shop - return to top when scrolling through a menu
  • Hop Shop - new table selector
  • Hop Shop - menu scroll bar in APP/Mobile view
  • Hop Shop - modifiers associated with their own articles
  • Hop Shop - age restricted items
  • Reservation item number (RESX) will now show in the postings report

Sell event tickets online

We have added the ability to sell event tickets online through the Hop Shop.

In Hop Shop create a Product Category and a Product to price the event ticket.

Then create an event in the Events section of the PMS and on the new 'Shop' tab tick that it is sellable on Hop Shop. Here you can fill in the details you wish to show online, select an invoice email template and override the price.

Then create a slot window for the event in Shop > Slots Setup. When setting up your window, select the Order Type as Event and select the event you wish to link it to:

Once you have completed this, if you have a live event ticked as sellable through the Shop, when customers go to you Shop they will see 'Book An Event' as a new option on the front page:

You can then see who has booked the event in the 'Slots and Orders' tab within the event, and all transactions will show on the house account.

Please note if you have future events you will need to make sure you update the maximum number of days for booking to be long enough to reach the event date. This setting is in Shop > Configuration as shown here:

Hop Shop - Return to top when scrolling through a menu

Now, when customers are on your Shop, if you have a long menu, rather than having to scroll all the way back up to select another menu, they can now press 'Back to Top' to speed the process up for them.

Hop Shop - New table selector

For customers who provide table service, rather than a long list of tables to select from (if you don’t use QR codes). We have now added the option to enter or part enter the table number and then confirm. If a user enters an incorrect number they will receive a message saying it’s an invalid table number.

Hop Shop - Menu scroll bar

If someone visits your shop through the HopApp or via the URL on a mobile, rather than a long list of menus you have on offer we have now placed them horizontally with the option to scroll through the selection. This takes up much less space when on a phone so is much more user-friendly.

Hop Shop - Product Category overview now shows more information

The Product Category overview screen will now show you the number of products assigned to the category, menu/s and printers assigned. It will also show you if it’s active or not. This saves you having to go into a product category to find out this information.

Hop Shop - Modifiers can now be associated with their own article

Previously any Modifier added to an order would be assigned to the same article as the main product, this can cause an issue if the main product and modifier have a different VAT (for example the main product is ‘Vodka’ at 20% and the modifier is the mixer being drinks at 5% VAT). Now, when you add or amend your Modifiers you can select the article you wish to associate it to:

If this needs to be a new article, please go to Administration > Articles to set this up.

Hop Shop - Age restricted items

We have added the ability to state if a product like alcohol is age restricted. This then requires the person making the order to read the message and confirm that they are over the required age and once a pop-up is given in an order their selection will be remembered. To set this up, simply go to Shop > Products and tick the 'Is age restricted' box which you will find located just above the Save and Cancel buttons on the Add Product/Edit Product page. Once you have enabled this, the following message will show by default:

If you wish to create your own message you can set this up in Shop > Configuration and scroll down to the 'Age Restriction Message' box:

Reservation Item will now show on the postings report

We have updated the Postings report to now also include the reservation item (RESX number) this makes it clearer as to where the payment came from:

If you cannot see this column, please click on 'Choose columns and then select 'Reservation Item' from the list

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Ron Tindoy posted about 3 years ago

How about gift vouchers to sell in HOP Shop?

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