Product Release - 21.04.2021

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Feature Release Notes 21st April 2021

This feature release includes – A number of improvements to Hop Shop, like selecting your order type (collection, delivery, room service or table service) and time first. Only menus available at the selected time will show and you can now set products to be available for some or all or your order types. We have also changed the Order view to be customisable and more user friendly as well as adding a new Shop Sales Report.

Please share this with all relevant staff at your property.

We would love to hear your feedback on our new features; please feel free to use the Comments section below.


  • Increased number of slots, you can now create from 1,000 to 10,000.
  • Ability to change a completed order back to ‘NEW’.
  • Ability to mark an order as completed from the orders overview.
  • Improved view of the orders tab and ability to select the columns that suit you.
  • In the APP and mobile views, the user journey has changed to select the service type and time first, following this the relevant menus and products will be displayed.
  • Added the option to add or remove items from the order summary.
  • Ability to select the order type/s a product is available for.
  • Added a new Shop Sales Report.

Slots Setup

We have increased the ability to add up to 10,000 slots at a time up from the limit of 1,000 (this will allow you to enter more days at the same time).

Changing an order's status

If an order has been marked as completed incorrectly you can now go into the order and press Mark as New to undo the action.

Changes to orders in Hop

You also now have the ability to mark an order as completed from the overview to save going into the order to update it.

We also changed the view on the orders tab so if you are looking at a specific type like room service any columns that don’t relate are removed automatically like address details. You also have the ability to choose the columns you wish to have in view. This also included order details (will display full details in a hover over), comments and payment method. The system will remember your selection as a preferred view for next time too.

Mobile/APP view summary before payment

An order summary is now displayed in the APP and mobile views before payment is taken this also has a link to change the order should the user wish to.

New Shop Sales Report

We have added a shop sales report to help you analyse your sales. Simply go to Reports > Shop > Sales to locate it. 

Here you will see the sales through your shop. You can search a date range, view by order type, product, article or product category. The report can be downloaded in PDF or CSV format.

Easier to add and remove items on Hop Shop

We now have the option from the Your order to add or remove items.

Special requests updated

There is now the ability to enter place holder text in the Any special requests box.

To set this simply go to Shop > Configuration and type in what you wish. There is also a tick box if you wish to set special requests to being mandatory.

Product availability by order type

Ability to select the order type/s a product is available for. For example, if something is not available for room service, if this order type is not selected, when someone selects that they want room service the product will not be shown.

We have also updated the system so a time/date is selected first so if a menu is not available for the time selected it will also not be shown.

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