Product Release - 13.10.2020

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This feature release includes enhancements to a number of key areas in the PMS, including email functionality, Hop Shop, finance and accounting, group reservations and events. 

Please share this with all relevant staff at your property.

We would love to hear your feedback on our new features; please feel free to use the Comments section below.


  • No reply emails
  • New VAT column on Postings report
  • Credit Card nominal names for accounting software
  • Pre-stay & Follow Up emails linked to rate plans
  • SMS unsubscribe from Campaigns
  • Updated date selection calendar
  • Setting times for rooms in events
  • OTA virtual cards
  • Revert 'Charge Event to House Account'
  • Hop Shop – Allergen information
  • Hop Shop – Booking windows
  • Hop Shop – Modifiers
  • Hop Shop – Printer functionality
  • New custom fields have been added to event function sheets
  • Event rooms service status
  • New Hide Group Reservation Rates option
  • Sage Pay site codes
  • Allergies on In House Breakfast Report
  • Customer addresses on CRM exports
  • Printing a booking confirmation from the Booking Engine
  • New integration with Netsuite accounting software

No reply emails

All emails that go out from Hop’s SMTP servers are sent from a no reply email address. We have made an update so if guests do reply to these emails, the reply will now be sent to your email address set up in Hop. We do, however, encourage you to add your own SMTP server details to Hop so that all mail comes from your own email servers; please contact if you would like help in setting this up. 

New VAT column on Postings report

We have added a VAT column to the Postings report in Reports > Finance > Postings and as with all other columns on this report, you can choose whether or not to include it onscreen

Credit Card nominal names for accounting software

We have added the option to enter different nominal names/codes for individual credit card types, if required by your accounting software. Now, when adding a payment method in Accounting Manager > Payment Method if you select Credit Card you can enter a nominal name (or code) for all cards or enter a nominal name for each card type by selecting the card type from the drop-down list.

This will then display in your Accounts Daily export:

Pre-stay & Follow Up emails linked to rate plans

There is already the ability to add a rate specific email confirmation template to a rate plan, we have now also added Pre-stay and Follow Up emails and SMS (if subscribed to SMS). If you would like to set these up, simply go to Administration > Templates, create new then select Pre-stay or Follow Up. Once created you will need to go to Administration > Email/SMS content to set the time frames you would like them to send. The final step is to go to Rates > Rate Plans and edit the rate plan you wish to attach them to. When you edit the rate plan you will see the default emails section at the bottom of the Details tab – select the one/s you wish to attach from the drop-down menus:

SMS unsubscribe from Campaigns

Unsubscribe from Campaign SMS now automatically removes receive brand offers from an individual's CRM record.

Updated date selection calendar

We have updated the date picker to allow you to select from and two dates from one Calendar rather than selecting two dates. This is quicker, easier and avoids having to scroll through the months on two calendars for future entries.

Setting times for rooms in events

We have added the ability to set the times for event rooms so it is clear to see what rooms are being used and when. When entering or editing an event on the Rooms tab simply tick the 'Set Event Time' button and enter the details. The times will then clearly display on the event sheet. We have also added the event date/s and times to the header of the tab to save going back to the Details tab to look for this information.

OTA virtual cards

To make it easier to see, virtual cards are now highlighted in the existing card drop-down when adding transactions:

If you are entering an OTA booking with a virtual card manually, when entering the booking you will have the option to select Virtual Card as you are entering the card details:

Revert 'Charge Event to House Account'

You now have the option to revert the charges on a house account from an event if you have sent them to the house account in error.

Hop Shop – Allergen information

We have added the ability to display allergen information on Hop Shop by means of a free-text box within the PMS for you to enter key information that you would like to highlight to customers. To do this, go to Shop > Configuration and type the necessary details into the 'Allergen Information' field. This will then display on the Shop under Allergen Information:

When clicked, a pop-up will display the information you have entered in Configuration:

Hop Shop – Booking windows

We have added the ability to create a booking window for collection or delivery.

When adding slots in Shop > Slot Setup, simply tick the box labelled 'Create as Window' then enter one or multiple window times and select the maximum number of orders that can be placed for the window.

Once booked, the delivery window will show clearly in the order and be included in the customers confirmation.

Hop Shop – Modifiers 

We have added the ability to add "modifiers" to your products to allow customers to add extras and requests onto their orders. To set this up, go to Shop > Modifiers and press the +Add button:

Enter the following information and then press Save:

Name: The name of the modifier (e.g. Extra Cheese)

Description: The description of the modifier (e.g. Grated mozzarella)

Price: The price of the modifier (e.g. £1.50)

Display Order: The order the modifier should be displayed on Hop Shop (e.g. enter "1" if you want it to appear first in the list of available modifiers)

Disabled: This will disable the Modifier from being visible on Hop Shop

To attach modifiers to your products, go to Shop > Products and click on a product name to edit it. You will now see a new section called 'Modifier' towards the bottom:

Simply add the modifiers that are relevant for the desired product and then save your changes. Available modifiers will then appear in a pop-up window when a customer selects a given product in your Shop.

Hop Shop – Printer functionality

We recently added the option to use a printer with Hop Shop. To see how to set this up please see the help article below:

This month, we have added a few improvements to the printing function – you can now manually print orders and select which printer the order goes to.

To manually print, go to Shop > Orders and you should now see a printer icon (if printing is active) next to each of your Orders:

If you select the large printer icon, the order will be sent to the default printer for the categories within the order. If you select the drop-down box, you can select a specific printer to send your order to.

New Custom Fields for Function Sheets

We have added more custom fields to function sheets you can now include:

Lead Bookers Email Address - [[LeadBookerEmailAddress]]

Lead Bookers Telephone Number - [[LeadBookerTelephoneNumber]]

On Day Contact / Event Managers Email Address - [[OnDayContactEmail]]

On Day contact / Event Managers Telephone Number - [[OnDayContactTelephoneNumber]]

You will now see all these new custom fields within Hop. To access these, go to Events > Function Sheets and you will see them in the drop-down for custom fields.

Event Service Status

We have added the ability to put a service status on event rooms, just as you can already do with accommodation rooms. To put an event room out of order, out of service or out of inventory, go to Housekeeping > Event service Status where you will be presented with a screen that shows you all the event rooms that have been put out of order.

To close out a new event room, press the +Add button in the top right hand corner.

  • Select the event rooms you want to put out of order. You can select one room, multiple rooms or all rooms.
  • Select the date and time you want the room to be out of order for.
  • Link the service status to a maintenance issue if you need to.
  • Select the status of the room – out of inventory, out of order or out of service
  • Select the reason for putting the room out of order.
  • Add a description for the service status.
  • Press Save.

Once you have put the room out of order you will be able to see this reflected on the Planner.

New Hide Group Reservation Rates option

We have added the option to hide rates within group reservations only on the registration card. This means that you can still have the rates hidden from individual guests but a full breakdown will still appear on the pro forma that you send to the booker. You will now see an option within groups that allows you to hide reservation rates? (excl. Proforma Invoice)

Selecting this option will hide the rate from the registration card but will show the complete pricing on the proforma invoice.

Sage Pay site codes

We have enhanced the SagePay integration with Hop so that you can now put a prefix in front of the TX code that is shown within your payment portal. This allows sites using the same Payment Gateway across multiple sites to identify where the transaction has come from. To set this up please contact with the your site code from SagePay. This will then be added into Hop by the Support team. Once this has been set you will see all transactions coming from this property with the site code at the start of the TX code.

Allergies on In House Breakfast Report

We have enhanced the In House Breakfast Report to now show guest allergies:

We have added a column to this report that will now have a tick if the guest has allergies. To see the allergies that the guest has hover over the "i" icon. When the report is exported you will see a new column that shows the guests allergies:

To add allergies to an individual to appear on the report, go to CRM > Individuals and search for the individual you would like to add allergies to. Select Edit individual and the ngo to the Notes tab. You will find the Allergies section just below the Notes box:

Customer addresses on CRM exports

When exporting individuals and corporate profiles the report now includes

The address details.

Printing a booking confirmation from the Booking Engine

Once a guest has booked a room, they now have the ability to print off a confirmation summary from the Booking Engine confirmation page before they receive their confirmation via email/SMS.

Netsuite Accounting Software

We have added a new connection with Netsuite to our growing list of financial tools that we integrate with. You will now see a section under Administration > Property in the PMS like this:

Once you have input the above information you will need to select 'Authorise Integration' to connect your account to Hop. When it is successfully connected you should see a message like below:

Once connected you will then need to make sure that all the data on the Configuration tab is filled out; you should be able to get these codes from Netsuite. You will also need to make sure that all your articles have the account codes filled out too. Once you have filled out all this information you are ready to import any old data. If you don’t want to import any old data then you have now set up the NetSuite connection.

If you do want to import old data there is a back fill data option:

Just select the dates you want to back-fill and press Run. To see if the data has successfully run, please head to Administration > Audit Log and in the 'Area' filter select Third Party integrations:

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