Product Release - 02.09.2020

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This feature release includes:

  • Hop Shop – Download items from one order separately
  • Hop Shop – Product inventory
  • Hop Shop – Promotion code
  • Hop Shop – Table service & QR code
  • Set service status by floor

Please share this with all relevant staff at your property. We would love to hear your feedback on our new features; please feel free to use the Comments section below.

Hop Shop – Download items from one order separately

We have added the ability to select items to download in Shop orders so different tickets can be printed for different areas like the restaurant and bar.

We have added selection boxes next to items, if you wish to download all items you will see the ‘Download Order’ button however if you select items this becomes ‘Download Selected’ and the selected items only will be downloaded. You can then download the others by unselecting the current selection and selecting the other items.

Hop Shop – Product inventory

We have added the option to enable a product inventory if you wish to so you can manage the number of products you have available for sale on Hop Shop. This can be turned on in Shop > Configuration.

When enabled, you will see an inventory column for each Product. Edit the product to enter the inventory. The inventory will go down as orders come in and if you don’t have enough inventory for an order a message will be displayed to the customer. 

When you then get more stock in, simply edit the product and update the new inventory amount.

Hop Shop – Promotion code

We have added the option to set a promotion code in Hop Shop. Simply go to Shop > Promotions and select +Add, then fill in the details for your promotion.

Once set up, when a customer selects a time slot for a method and date that is covered by the promotion they will get a promo code box. 

Once the correct code is entered the discount is applied and shown in the ‘Your Order’ section.

Hop Shop – Table service & QR code

We have added a Service type to Hop Shop called Table Service. You can now use Hop Shop within your restaurants and give customers the ability to select their table or scan a QR code to be automatically directed to Hop Shop.

To set up Table Service you will need to enable table service within the Configuration section of Hop Shop by going to Shop > Configuration and pressing the pencil (edit) icon in the right-hand corner:

Tick the box labelled Enable Table Service. Once selected, you will then need to set the Opening hours for table service. This will allow you to control when guests can book table service ensuring they only use this feature when the restaurant is open. Once you have entered the opening times you will see them displayed within the box. You can close a day by selecting the cross next to the time.

You can also add multiple slots for the same day (e.g. lunch and dinner service) by adding a second slot or slots: 

To create tables for guests to select go to Shop > Tables and click on the +Add button

Input the table number or name. Make sure the table is Active and press Save.

To download the QR code that you can print out and place on your tables, go to Shop > Tables and select the Download QR Code button located in the tables section:

This will then download the QR code in a PDF document laid out in a format like the below:

The QR code will display:

  • Hotel Invoice logo
  • Hotel Name
  • QR Code
  • Table Number/Name

A guest can use the QR code by simply using the camera on their Android or IOS device. The QR code will direct the guest to the Hop Shop menu:

They can then select what they would like:

When the guest comes to the table selection, they will see that their table has already been selected for them:

If the guest selects a different Table at this point, they will receive a warning message:

The guest can also use table service by going to the Hop Shop and selecting Table Service.

Set service status by floor

You can now set service statuses by floor allowing you to close off whole floors quickly.

Simply go to Housekeeping > Service Status and press the +Add button. You will now see a tick box that is named ‘Edit by floor’

 If you select this button a new box will appear, for you to select which floor(s) you would like to add a service status to:

If required, you can select a whole floor as well as additional selected rooms from other floors by entering their room numbers in the ‘Rooms’ field at the top of the page

Once you have done this, you just need to finish off adding the other required information before you press Save:

  • Set the start and end dates
  • Attach a maintenance issue, if needed
  • Set the status type
  • Set the reason
  • Input a description

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