Product Release - 03.08.2020

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This feature release includes a Covid-19 Pre Stay Questionnaire, Automatic CRM opt out update, the ability to back fill data in Xero and Services now use the code instead of the long description.

Please share this with all relevant staff at your property.

We’d love to hear your feedback on our new features; please feel free to use the Comments section below.

Covid-19 Questionnaire

We have added a Covid-19 prestay questionnaire. This is not mandatory however if you wish have this feature on it will stop check if not completed or manually overridden. You can turn this on in Administration > Property > Property Settings then tick the Require Covid Questionnire for Check in box.

Once turned on you can add a link to the Covid-19 Questionnaire for guests to fill in prior to arrival to your email templates. Simply go to Property > Templates, select the template you would like to add it to, type in the information and then select the CovidQuestionnaireUrl from custom field then click the +Insert Field button.

You will see notifications of not completed questionnaires on your main dashboard noticeboard.

When you click on a reservation in Reservations > Manage Reservations, you will see a new tab Covid Questionnaire. When filled in the answers will display on the right-hand side.

If the questionnaire is not completed, you will not be able to check the guest in unless you tick the Override for check in box in the Covid Questionnaire tab.

From 14 days after the guest stay you have the option to delete the details by clicking the delete button.

N.B. “For any bookings that have already been made, if you re-send the booking confirmation your new template (including Questionnaire link) will be sent to the guest”

Automatic CRM record update when opting out of campaigns

When a customer opts out from a Campaign, the CRM record will now automatically update and untick the Receive Brand Offers tick box for you.

Add priority order to Menu in Hop Shop

We have added a display order section within Menus in Hop shop

Go to Shop > Menus

This allows you to order the Menus displayed on the Shop.

Back Fill Data in XERO

We have added the ability to back fill data when Xero has failed to input data because of technical issues.

(Administration -> Property) by clicking on the Back Fill Data tab in the Xero configuration section, choosing a date range (please note that if you are doing this for one day, you need to set the from and to date as the same) and pressing Run:

Services to use Service Code instead of Long Description

When adding a service within a reservation you now see the code associated with the service rather than the long description. This stops hotels from seeing long descriptions when selecting services inhouse.

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