Product Release - 30.06.2020

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This feature release includes the ability when deriving a rate plan to increase or decrease the derived rate per person rather than one fixed amount. We have also added an email qualifier in online Campaigns as well as adding a number of improvements to HOP Shop like Menus with times set that they are available, adding photos to products, adding delivery cost automatically and setting multiple delivery/collection slots for set times with the ability to exclude days if you need to.

Please share this with all relevant staff at your property.

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  • Rate Plans – Derived Rate plans can now be increased or decreased per person 
  • CRM Email Campaigns
  • Separate Booking Engine Logo
  • Create Reservation – Enhancement to summary screen
  • Reservations Report – Option to exclude cancelled bookings
  • New option to send messages (email and text) to stay overs
  • Pay-per-link enhancement 
  • SMS Campaign enhancement
  • Change to invoice layout
  • HOP Shop – Ability to upload photos 
  • HOP Shop – Delivery cost added automatically
  • HOP Shop Order type tabs default
  • HOP Shop Menus
  • HOP Shop Display by Categories/Menus
  • HOP Shop Configuration
  • HOP Shop Notes 
  • HOP Shop Set multiple timeslots
  • HOP Shop Address finder

Rate Plans – Derived Rate plans can now be increased or decreased per person 

We have changed the way deriving a rate works. When you select a rate to be derived from another rate, along with the ability to increase or decrease per room you now have the option to do this per person.

Go to Rates > Rate Plans and now when you select derive from another rate plan you can select per person. This is useful for example if you wish to derive your Bed & Breakfast rate from your Room Only rate but the increase will depend on how many people are booking as it’s the breakfast cost you are adding.

When you select per person you will be given the option to select the amount by Adult, Child and Infant and you can select if this is a value or percentage. For per person increase/decrease we would recommend using value only and the percentage will be greater as the number of people in a booking increases.

You can increase the price or decrease the price.

CRM Email Campaigns Add email address qualifier 

We have added an email qualifier within CRM. This means you can now search for guests by their email address.

Simply go to CRM > Campaigns then enter the details in the 'Customer Email Contains' field:

Separate Booking Engine logo 

We have separated the Booking Engine logo from the property logo. This will allow you to upload a logo for the Booking Engine that can differ from your main property logo.

Simply go to Administration > Booking Engine you will see a section called 'Booking Engine Logo' where you can upload an image file of your choice by pressing the upload button.

If there is no picture uploaded in this section then the Booking Engine logo will be your property logo by default.

Create Reservation Enhancement to Summary Charges 

We have enhanced the Summary page within a reservation to now show totals when items are being charge to rooms (previously this would show as £0 if charging to room).

If 'Charge to Rooms' has been selected you will now see what charges are going to which rooms. This will include extras and services.

Reservations Report Option to exclude cancelled bookings

We have enhanced the Reservations Report to include the ability to exclude cancelled bookings. Go to Reports > Front Desk > Reservations and you will see that we have added an 'Exclude Cancelled Reservations' button. When this button is ticked all cancelled bookings will not appear on the report. We have also added a status column at the end of the report so you can now filter by status.

New option to send messages (email and text) to stay overs

We have added a new template specifically designed to send correspondence to stay overs. Go to Administration > Templates and press the "+Add" button to create a new template. All you need to do is select 'Stay Over' from the Template Type drop-down menu. 

To send this template, once created you will need to set up email content. Simply go to Administration > Email/SMS Content press 'Add New' and select the Stay Over template. You can send this template as both email and text.

Pay-per-link enhancement

We have enhanced the Pay-per-link functionality within HOP. You can now use this feature to send payment requests/reminders to guests before they stay, allowing you to take payments for bookings before the customer arrives. Please go to Administration > Templates and you will see that the Pay-per-link Custom Field has been added to the Reservation Pre-Stay and Confirmation templates.

SMS Campaign enhancement 

HOP Shop customer profiles are now stored within CRM. This allows you to create marketing Campaigns that are targeted to HOP Shop users. When filling out their details on HOP Shop, customers will be presented with a tick box to opt into receiving discounts and offers:

If the customer ticks this box their profile will be updated with the permission to send CRM Campaigns. This disclaimer is giving consent to marketing in accordance with GDPR guidelines. You can update the profile at any stage if they change their consent at a later stage.

Individual profiles in CRM now now have a new flag that shows if the individual has used HOP Shop:

Finally, we have added a new customer type within CRM Campaigns so you can now search by HOP Shop customers:

Change to invoice layout

We have updated the Invoice layout. It no longer displays totals on each page for multi-page invoices and just displays the total on the last page. This will save on paper.

HOP Shop – Ability to upload photos 

We have added the ability to upload pictures to products within the HOP shop. Go to Shop > Products and select the product that you want to add a photo to, then select the upload image icon.

The uploaded image will be displayed onscreen once the upload is complete, alongside a preview of how it will look on the HOP Shop:

Please note that you are limited to one image per product. 

HOP Shop – Delivery cost added automatically

We have added the ability to apply a delivery charge to HOP Shop. To do this, go to Shop > Configuration and then click on the pencil icon on the right hand side to edit. Select Apply Delivery Charge at the bottom of the page:

You can now input the amount you want to charge, set the article you want the delivery charge to sit against and also put a message so you can communicate the charge to the customer:

This is how it will look like on the HOP Shop for customers:

HOP Shop – Order type tabs default

We have made a change to the way booking tabs work in HOP Shop. Previously it would default to Collection and a customer could select another option if they wished. Now if you don't have time slots set for Collection, the Shop will default to the next option you have timeslots set for. We have also updated the date selection, if the customer now enters a different date it auto searches and returns the time slots on that date without the need to press a Search button.

HOP Shop Menus

You now have the ability to add Menus in HOP Shop and set times they are available. 

Go to Shop > Menus then select Add and enter the menu name, times available and you can also select specific days of the week the menu is available. For example, if you only provide Roast Dinners on a Sunday, you can select Sunday. Once your menus are set up, go to Shop > Product Category in each product category you can select the Menu the category belongs to from the drop down list.

HOP Shop – Display by Categories/Menus

HOP Shop will now display by Categories or Menus if they are set up, rather than displaying a long list of all items to scroll through. Customers can also search for menu items by using the new search box:

HOP Shop – Configuration

In HOP Shop you can now configure different times from now for each delivery/collection type. Once set, when customers are ordering the first available timeslot for their chosen method will be displayed depending on the number of minutes that have been set here. Simply go to Shop > Configuration to set these up:

HOP Shop – Notes

HOP Shop customer notes/special requests will now display in the email confirmation, so the customer has this as a reference.

HOP Shop – Set multiple timeslots

We have added the ability to set times over multiple dates for Delivery/Collection/Room Service and you can now also select to exclude specific days of the week if required (helpful if you are closed any days of the week)

HOP Shop – Address Finder

The HOP Shop customer address field now uses a Post Code Finder to make it more user-friendly and faster for customers to enter their address details.

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