Product Release - 19.9.2019

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This feature release includes updates to accounting functionality, the Booking Engine, Event Revenues and Reservations. Please share this with all relevant staff at your property.

We’d love to hear your feedback on our new features and have set up a quick survey – if you could take two minutes and provide some feedback that would be much appreciated.


  • CSL – Aged Debtor Report
  • CSL – Settle multiple invoices
  • Report wording
  • Room Upgrades
  • Event Revenue Report comparison year
  • Optimised Room Schedule view for larger hotels
  • Copy Reservation feature
  • Charge articles on arrival
  • Clover – Tips as a separate line item
  • Clover – Additional tender types

CSL – Aged Debtor Report

For those members of the HOP community that utilise the CSL functionality, this new report will help give you a means of proactively keeping track of debtors, based on when an invoice has been issued. If they are outside of their payment terms, it will move them into Period 1, Period 2 and Older to help you keep track of and prioritise who to chase up.

CSL – Settle multiple invoices

You can now settle multiple invoices simultaneously in CSL > Accounts Overview when you receive payment from a corporate customer for one of your invoices. This will be useful if they are making payment for several invoices at once (e.g. at the end of the month). Please note that HOP will pre-fill the Amount field on the transaction screen if you select more than one invoice and press ‘Settle With Payment’

Report wording

All Finance reports have been reviewed and updated to ensure consistency of wording. This will aid you when comparing and consolidating figures from various reports.

Room Upgrades

This feature has now been enhanced on our new booking engine. To do this, go to Rooms > Room Types and click on the name of the room type you wish to modify. At the bottom of the screen, you are presented with the Upgrades section where you will be given a list of room type suggestions and you simply need to drag them over from the left to the right of the screen to select them. In the example below, which is for a Double Room, the hotel has decided to only offer an upgrade to a Suite:

When a customer makes a booking on your booking engine, they will be prompted to upgrade on the Room Summary page – after they have made their initial selection but before they add their details. (HOP will only show the upgraded rooms if they are available to be booked on the dates that have been selected.) If they click on the Upgrade Now button, selecting an option will close the pop-up window and change the room type and rate plan as applicable.

Event Revenue Report comparison year

This report has been requested by a member of the HOP community and will be useful in helping you compare your year on year event revenues. It can be found in Reports > Finance > Event Revenues Comparison and can be set to search for a particular date rate and filtered by Event Types and/or Articles (e.g. Function Food)

Optimised Room Schedule view for larger hotels

The top panel of the Room Schedule page will now “float” at the top of the screen as you scroll down so that you can still see the dates, filters and buttons whilst looking at a particular reservation further down the screen.

Copy Reservation feature

If you have a regular guest, or someone staying with you who wants to book again for a future date, you can now create a new reservation for them in just a few clicks. Click on the drop-down menu of the RES number of the original reservation and select “Create New Reservation for [Guest Name]” as shown here:

HOP will then use the same details as the first reservation as a template to create a new one. (Please note that if the date of arrival is before the current date, then the date of arrival is defaulted to today’s date.) All you will need to do is confirm or amend the details, and then click through to the Summary page to create it as a Provisional or Confirmed booking.

Charge articles on arrival

On the rate plan, you can now edit each of the attached articles and choose whether they are charged per day or on arrival. In the case of the example below, you can now charge a one-off fee on the first night for a week’s parking meaning that the night audit will add the accommodation and breakfast charges for each day of the stay but the lump sum for parking will only be charged once.

Clover – Tips as a separate line item

We have added new functionality to enable Clover tills to send tips as their own line items when being passed over to HOP in the End of Day house accounts. For this to work, you will need to do three things:

  1. Make sure that Tips are enabled in Clover
  2. Ensure that a suitable article is assigned in HOP top your Article Sales Type Mapping
  3. Go to Administration > Property and scroll down to the ‘Configuration’ section towards the bottom. In here, tick the box to activate this feature, enter the name being used as the sales type and press ‘Update Settings’ to save.

Clover – Additional tender types

We have increased the options for HOP to receive and display various payment methods being passed over from Clover. A new section has been created in the Accounting Manager menu called Tender Types. In here you can specify credit card types, so that they are recorded separately, or link the Account to Company payment method to, for example, Payment on Account.

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