Product Release - 16.7.2019

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This feature release includes updates on several reports, new functionalities in the CRM and Events modules, as well as enhancements to rate updates and Housekeeping. Please share this with all relevant staff at your property.

We’d love to hear your feedback on our new features and have set up a quick survey – if you could take two minutes and provide some feedback that would be much appreciated.


  • Open House Accounts for previous Events – In-House Balance Report
  • Split Booking in the Booking Engine
  • Provisional Booking Status on Dashboard
  • Maintenance Suppliers
  • Targets for Housekeeping Time Tracker
  • Customer Sales Ledger
  • CRM Top Accommodation Performers
  • House Account Status under Events
  • Room Schedule Improvement
  • Disable ‘Leave Form Reason’
  • Open Transaction Report – Historic Dates
  • Rates Update in Rate Calendar
  • Yield Management
  • In-House Breakfast Report
  • New Report – Yield Strategy
  • Discount by Percentage
  • Delete Service Status in Room Schedule
  • Group Reservation – Cancelled Rooms
  • Event Rooms added to Housekeeping
  • Titles as Option Sets
  • Extras on Booking Engine

Open House Accounts for previous Events – In-House Balance Report

In our In-House Balance Report under ‘Reports’ and ‘Finance’ you can now filter the House Accounts by date ranges. If you only want to see the open House Accounts for previous events, you now have the option to select a date and, on the report, you will see all the previous events which still have an open balance up to this selected date.

Split Booking in the Booking Engine

This new feature is designed to get the best possible occupancy for the hotel and offer the guest a solution if there is no room available during their selected time. If a guest wants to book a Double Room for four nights via the Booking Engine but you only have this available for the first two nights, the guest will now be able to still book a stay with you if there is another room type (e.g. Superior Room) available for the last two nights.

On the Booking Engine the guest will see that the booking that they are creating contains two different rooms and that a move is required during the stay. Once the he or she goes ahead with the booking, it just continues the booking process as normal. In HOP you can still see that the two rooms are booked together and that the guest is moving during their stay.

Provisional Booking Status on Dashboard

If a Provisional Booking is expired but was confirmed before, the notification on the Dashboard will not appear. It will now only show all the Provisional Bookings have not been confirmed and have expired because of this.

Maintenance Suppliers

We have now added the functionality in HOP to store details for all the suppliers you use. For this, please go to ‘Housekeeping’ and ‘Suppliers’. Simply click the ‘+Add’ Button and you can store all the details of your Suppliers in there and also add some notes.

Targets for Housekeeping Time Tracker

This new feature gives management the ability to track how long it takes for Housekeeping to clean a room and how long it should take them to do this. Management can now set targets either under ‘Room Types’ or ‘Room Setup’ and decide how long it should take to service a room for a stayover and how long it should take to completely clean a room for a departure.

In order to enable this please go under ‘Rooms’ and either ‘Room Types’ or ‘Room Setup’. If you want to set a time for each room individually, please choose to change the time under ‘Room Setup’. If you only want to set a time per Room Type (for example if all the Double Rooms should take the same time to clean) please go to ‘Room Types’. If you amend or create a new room you will find a tick box in there which says ‘Show Room Targets?’. Now you can set the timings of how long it should take to clean.

For Management to see these targets and see how long it took the housekeepers to clean the rooms, we have improved the Housekeeper Timings Report under ‘Reports’ and ‘Housekeeping’. You now can see the time it should take to clean the room compared to the time it took.

Customer Sales Ledger

With our new Customer Sales Ledger Function already in place, we have added a new CSL Ledger to the bottom Trial Balance Report under ‘Reports’ and ‘Finance’. This will now show you the daily movement including the charges and payments settled to Customer Sales Ledger (if you choose to enable this functionality in HOP).

We are pleased to announce that there is also now a new addition of being able to void and refund invoices settled to the Customer Sales Ledger.

CRM Top Accommodation Performers

With this new feature you now can see the top accommodation performers not only for the current month but also for up to a year. In order to use this, please go to ‘CRM’ and ‘Dashboard’. In here you can see in the middle the Top Accommodation Performers for the current Month. With the new drop-down option, you can amend this to any time period you require.

House Account Status under Events

This new feature gives you a quick overview in ‘Events’ and ‘Manage Events’ of the House Account Status. You can see in the column called ‘HA Status’ if there is still any money owed, if everything is paid or if the account is in credit.

Room Schedule Improvement

We have now slightly improved our Room Schedule view in the ‘Reservations’ menu. If you scroll through your Rooms, the Date is now static and makes it easier for bigger hotels to see on what day the guests are booked in.

Disable ‘Leave Form Reason’

If you do not want to use the ‘Leave Form Reason’ under ‘Sales View’ (the pop-up box that asks why you did not proceed with making a booking) you have now the option to disable this. Simply click ‘Administration’ and ‘Property’ and scroll down to ‘Property Settings’. To disable this function please tick the box for ‘Disable Sales View Exit Pop-up?’.

Open Transaction Report – Historic Dates

As requested by one of the properties in our HOP Family, you now have the option to display historic dates for the ‘Open Transaction Report’ under ‘Reports’ and ‘Finance’.

Rates Update in Rate Calendar

We have also improved our Bulk Update Rates Functionality. If you go to ‘Rates’ and ‘Rate Calendar’ and you choose to Bulk Update your rates, you now have the option to choose multiple date ranges.

Yield Management

Our Yield Management has also got a small upgrade as you now have the option to exclude various dates from the rules that you create. If you click into your Yield Management section under ‘Rates’ and ‘Yield Management’ you will now see the new field in there.

In-House Breakfast Report

In order to see who has breakfast included in their rate you need to allocate all possible Articles to the In-House Breakfast. For this please go to ‘Administration’, ‘Property’ and ‘Property Details’. In the field ‘Articles for In House Breakfast Report’ you can now add all the Articles that might be included in a rate plan.

New Report – Yield Strategy

We have added a new Report under ‘Reports’ and ‘Management’. This report combines our Rates, Occupancy and Availability Report.

Discount by Percentage

We have improved our Discount functionality on the View Transactions screen. If you go to ‘Manage Reservations’ and ‘View Transaction’ you have to option to add a Discount. For this, please click ‘Add Transaction’. You can now find a tick box which states ‘Apply a percentage discount?’. If you tick this, you can apply a discount by percentage.

Delete Service Status in Room Schedule

We made a further improvement to our Room Schedule. If you go to ‘Reservation’ and ‘Room Schedule’ and you see a room which is Out of Service, Out of Inventory or Out of Order, you can now delete this directly from here. Simply double-click on the field and it opens the service status. At the bottom of the window that appears, you have the option to delete this service status.

Group Reservation – Cancelled Rooms

With have made a slight adjustment to our Group Reservations functionality. If you go to ‘Reservations’ and ‘Manage Reservations’ in order to cancel or confirm rooms for a Group Booking, you now can see that by default any cancelled rooms will not show up anymore. However, if you would like to see them, please click on ‘Show Cancelled’ at the top of the screen.

Event Rooms added to Housekeeping

You now have the option to assign Event Function Rooms to Housekeeping so that they are aware these rooms need to be cleaned. You can find this under ‘Housekeeping’ and ‘Room Status’. At the top of the screen, you can toggle between ‘Accommodation Rooms’ and ‘Event Rooms’.

Titles as Option Sets

You now have the ability to create your own guest name titles. Please go to ‘Administration’ and ‘Option Sets’. In here, scroll down to ‘Title’ and click the ‘+Add’ Button to create your own.

Extras on Booking Engine

We have made another slight change to our Booking Engine. Instead of having to click to open the extras in order to book them, the guest will clearly see them onscreen and is able to add them onto their booking easily.

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