Product Release - 11.6.2019

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This feature release includes updates on several reports, new functionalities in the CRM- and Events - Module as well as extensions to rate updates, invoicing and storing credit cards. Please share this with all relevant staff at your property.

We’d love to hear your feedback on our new features, to make this as easy and quick as possible we’ve set up a quick survey – if you could take two minutes and provide some feedback, that would be much appreciated.


  • End of Day Report – Email function
  • Follow Up Lead Categories
  • Event Reminders
  • Follow up leads
  • Add individual Payment Terms
  • Rate Bulk Update
  • Payments Report – Pre Authorisations
  • Till Revenue Report
  • Deposit Report per day
  • In House Report – Services
  • Marketing Report – Revenue
  • Storing Credit Cards
  • “Back” button on mobile Booking Engine

End of Day Report – Email function

Under Administration, End of Day Reports, you have the ability to “bundle” several individual reports (like “Arrivals”, “Departures”, “Stay Overs”) into a group (like “Reception”). This makes it easy for you to view and download essential data at the click of a button (“Execute Report” will download the bundle you have set up). As of this release, you can also send a daily email containing this report bundle: Simply set the time and chose the recipients (HOP user or users) and click save.

Follow Up Lead Categories

If you have a high number of enquiries and leads regarding different matters (group bookings, weddings, other specific events) you can now structure those more easily: We’ve added an option set called “Follow up lead categories”. To create your specific categories, please go to Administration, Option Sets and then select “Follow Up Lead Category” from the top right drop down. Click add and type your category name, save and repeat for additional categories.

If you go to CRM, Dashboard and click on “New Lead” in the “Follow up leads” box, a pop up will appear for you to enter all details of the lead, including the newly created categories. CRM – Follow up leads has the full list of all leads you have logged. Assign a HOP user and set the due date as applicable, and schedule a reminder as needed.

 Event Reminders

On request of a member of the HOP Community we’ve added a reminder option to the Events Module in the PMS. If you click on Events, Event Reminders, you can now add automatic reminders for your event types: Just click “Add” and provide a subject, chose the event type and set the number of days/weeks or months prior to the event that you want the reminder task to be set. Depending on this, a task will automatically be added (go to Tasks, Manage Tasks to see all tasks).

Follow up leads – reminder

We’ve also added a reminder functionality to your Follow Up Leads: To create a new lead, go to CRM, Dashboard and press “New Lead”. Once saved, it shows in CRM, Follow Up Leads. Here, click on the name of a lead, assign it to a HOP user and set a reminder (on a date or x days before the due date). Like the event reminders, this will create a task (Tasks, Manage Tasks) for the user it is assigned to.

Add individual Payment Terms

Delivering a request from a member of the HOP community, we’ve added the functionality to include specific payment terms for invoices and pro forma invoices. If you go to the transactions screen of a House Account, Reservation (RES) or Reservation Item (RESX), you’ll see a new button “show payment terms” next to the “print invoice” button. This is where you can paste specific terms for any payments, those will then show on the invoice or pro forma invoice, depending on your selection.

Rate Bulk Update 

We’ve extended the range of the “bulk update rates” functionality in this release. You can now chose to update any amount of rate plans (including derived rate plans) and room types in one go – simply go to Rates, Rate Calendar and select “Bulk Update Rates”. On the next screen, select your rate plans and room types as applicable, chose the date range, set the new base rate and save.

Payments Report – Pre Authorisations

We’ve extended the functionality of the Payments Report (Under Reports, Finance, Payments) in this release: There are now additional buttons “Include Pre Authorised” and “Exclude Non Pre Authorised” – this gives you the option to display payments as well as pre-authorised payments (or have the report only show pre authorised payments).

Till Revenue Report

This feature release includes the addition of the Till Revenue Report: If you have your EPOS system linked to HOP, this report will show your till takings per date range and per article you select (the articles are the same ones you’ve set up in the Article Sales Type Mapping to record your Wet, Dry, etc. till groups). The report is located under Reports, Finance, Till Revenue. You can download the data in pdf and csv format.

Deposit Report per day

We’ve amended the Deposit report (Reports, Finance, Deposits) – you can now enter a date range rather than just select an individual day. The Report shows the original amount and the amount currently not redeemed, it is available as csv and pdf download.

In House Report – Services

The In House Report (Reports, Front Desk, In House) now has an additional Column, “Services”. This makes it easier to see if guests have additional services with their booking, such as a pet charge, a car park fee, or breakfast options.

Marketing Report – Revenue

The Report under Reports, Marketing Reports, Marketing now has an additional column, “Revenue” to make it easier for you to identify your revenue per source. You can click this header (same as all headers on this report) to have the data sorted ascending or descending per revenue generated.

Storing Credit Cards

Until now, you were able to store Credit Cards with a 0 transaction on RES and RESX, we’re now extended this feature and you can do the same for House Accounts. You can use this when capturing a credit card for an event or a corporate booker and want to store the card for later charges. Once entered, you can only see the last 4 digits of the card, but can use it as an “existing card” on the system.

“Back” button on mobile Booking Engine

After launching our new Booking Engine a few weeks ago, we’ve already added tweaks to how the booking engine works in order to entice direct bookings on your website. In this release we’ve added the functionality to go back to your website from the booking engine for mobile devices, so guests can browse your site after having entered the booking process.

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