Product Release - 2.4.2019

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This release adds further functionalities and reporting options to HOP. We have included a “check out on transaction screen” function, a postcode finder, several new reports and alterations to existing reports and extended several functional areas in the Events Module and Reservations management.


  • Postcode finder
  • Refund Report
  • Occupancy comparison report
  • Pro Forma invoice for HA
  • Check out on transaction screen
  • Breakfast check in
  • Moving room when already checked in
  • “Create Date” on Manage Reservations
  • County on CRM Individual database
  • Additional custom fields on Confirmation Letters
  • Days of the week as custom fields
  • Print function sheets in date order
  • Postings Report Alteration
  • Bulk Update – extended functionality
  • Reservation Article Report
  • Link to newly created Event
  • Add room number to move transaction

Postcode finder

We have now integrated a postcode finder tool in CRM > Individuals so that when you are creating a new entry, you can input the person’s postcode, click on the list of suggestions to select the exact street address and it will automatically fill out the other address fields in HOP.

Step 1

Step 2

This feature is also available if you need to create a new guest identity when creating a new reservation.

Refund Report

A new report has been developed specifically to show a list of refunds that have been processed on a date or rate of dates. To access this, simply go to Reports > Finance > Refunds. You can use the search box in the top left to look for a specific transaction, otherwise enter your “From” and “To” dates to run the report. You can click on any of the column headers (e.g. ‘Payment Method’) to sort the search results accordingly and download a PDF file of your data if needed:

Occupancy comparison report

A new report has been added to the Management Reports suite, in the same format as the Occupancy report, to allow you to view occupancy levels over a period of time and compare to the same time period of another year. Simply enter your chosen date and click on the “Add Comparison Year” button. As with the Occupancy report, you can download the results in either PDF or CSV formats. In the image below, you can see an example of how to compare the occupancy levels for the month of February in 2018, 2019 and 2020 based on the figures in the HOP system as of 28 March 2019:

Pro Forma invoice for HA

Following on from a request that we received from within the HOP Community, we have now launched a feature so that when you export a pro forma invoice for a House Account, you can decide whether or not to include any pre-payments/deposits that you have already taken. Simply select ‘Export Pro-forma Invoice with Deposits’ from the drop-down menu:

Check out on transaction screen

We are pleased to announce that a ‘Check Out’ button has been added to the Transactions screen, to help streamline the process of taking final payment from a guest on the day of departure:

Please note that the option to check someone out will only appear at the reservation item (i.e. room) level on a checked in room with a balance of 0. You can access this feature by going to Reservations > Manage Reservations and clicking on the drop-down menu next to the RESX number.

Breakfast check in

This feature gives you the option to check in guests for breakfast or, if breakfast is not included in the room rate already, add it to their bill there and then. Go to Reservations > In House Breakfasts to see a list of current In House guests and filter them by those who have breakfast included in their rate and those that do not. You then simply need to click on ‘Charge Breakfast’ to add it onto their reservation or ‘Check in Guests’ to mark them down as having attended the restaurant for breakfast.

In order for this feature to work successfully, you need to go to Administration > Property and ensure that you have a default breakfast article set up.

If you have staff that need to be able to carry out this task and only this task in HOP (e.g. restaurant staff) a new activity has been added to the Users > Manage Users area so that you can create/amend their permissions as needed.

Moving room when already checked in

In another on demand feature development, you can now click on the drop-down menu of a RESX number and choose ‘Split Reservation Item’. This will allow you to specify a date during the stay on which the guest moves from one room to another. In the example below, the guest is due to check in on 8 April 2019 and move from one room to another on 10 April 2019:

Click on ‘Show rates’ to see a breakdown of the individual nightly rates in each room. Once back on the Manage Reservations screen, you will now see two (or more) individual RESX items – one for each room – and a little “chain” icon will now appear next to each one to indicate it is linked to another item.

A report to show this will be made available in a future release.

 “Create Date” on Manage Reservations

On request of several members of the HOP Community, we’ve added another filter to the screen on Reservations – Manage Reservations. You will find that on the top right, between the “Stay Date” filter and the “Create New” button, there is now a “Create Date” filter. Entering a date will show all reservations created on this date.

County on CRM Individual database

In addition to the postcode finder, we’ve also added a “State/County” field to the contact tab of CRM individuals. The postcode finder will also populate this field, if there is a match in the database.

Additional custom fields on Confirmation Letters

The selection of available items in the drop down on “Custom Field” for the template type “Reservation Confirmation” has been extended: You can now add Extras and Services to your standard Email Confirmation. Those will display and Extras and Services that are added to the Reservation.

Added days of the week as custom fields on function sheets

There is also a new custom field available on the Event Function Sheets: “DateFromFull” and “DateToFull” includes to day of the week, whereas “DateFrom” and “DateTo” will display the given dates without the day of the week.

Print function sheets in date order

Under Manage Events, click on the “From” header to display the events in chronological order on this page. If you click “Print all” and select a function sheet, all events will be printed at once, in chronological order.

Postings Report

On request of a member of the HOP Community we’ve added more flexibility to the postings report. Go to Reports, Finance, Postings and you will see a new button “choose columns”. Click this, to see all available columns: Clicking the “x” left of the name will unselect the column (you can read this by clicking into the blank space next to the column names and selecting it). The view on this screen, as well as the csv and pdf downloads will now only include the information you selected.

Bulk Update – extended functionality

Prior to this release, you were already able to apply bulk updates to RESX items, by clicking “Bulk Update” on the associated RES. Until now, only arrival date, departure date and rate plan could be changed this way. We have now added further variables that can be changed for all RESX assigned to a RES: On Manage Reservations, click on any RES number – this will open the “Details” tab of the Reservation – click “Bulk Update Reservation Items” to see the options you can change via bulk update. You can now apply Notes to all RESX in one go, as well as add Services, Extras, change the charge privileges and, as previously, manipulate the arrival- and departure date as well as the rate plan.

Reservation Article Report

Prior to this release, only articles assigned to a reservation upon creation were available on the Report under “Front Desk, Reservation Articles”. We have extended the report, so it now also includes any articles that were added to the reservations at a later stage. You can filter this report by Articles, Room Types and Rate Plans and download it as a pdf document.

Link to newly created Event

As with creating reservations, where you get a link to the RES number after creating the reservation, this is now also the case for newly created events. After creating a new event, the screen will display the event name you just created with a link to it.

Add room number to move transaction

When you are moving a transaction in HOP, you can now also search for the room number (or room name). Previously, you could only search for the guest name or the RESX number, this has now been extended to allow more ease of use on this task.

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