Product Release - 19.03.2019

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This release adds further functionalities and reporting options to HOP. We have included a feature to create recurring events, a housekeeping time tracker, reporting updates and a new OTA connection for your business.


  • Housekeeping – Time Tracker
  • New Report – Zero Rated Rooms
  • Events – Recurring Events
  • Events – No House Account
  • New OTA – Mr and Mrs Smith
  • Print Confirmation Emails
  • Self check in customisation

Housekeeping – Time Tracker

In another on demand feature development, we have developed a “time tracker” function to the Housekeeping module in HOP. This is to allow management to review the times housekeeping staff take per room and room type on a day to day basis.

Part of the best practise for using the Housekeeping module in HOP is that housekeeping staff are all set up with an individual Email address and HOP login. Most properties have housekeeping- and maintenance staff use tablets or smartphones, so they can log their tasks accordingly.

Going forward, once a housekeeper changes the status of a room from “vacant dirty” (the default after a guest checks out) to “in progress”, a time tracker starts to log the activity in the background. Once the status of the room is changed to “vacant clean” or “vacant clean inspected”, the tracker stops. Go to Reports, Housekeeping and Housekeeper Timings to review the time tracker. You can filter by date, housekeeping staff, room types and rooms and download the results as pdf and csv documents.

New Report – Zero Rated Rooms

Many properties offer complementary rooms to guests, either with a rate plan with 0 value rates, or on an individual basis (by manually setting the room rate to zero prior to the night audit). On request, we have added a report that shows all zero rate rooms. Go to Reports, Management and click “Zero Rated Rooms”. You can search for reservations and enter a time frame. The report contains the room number, toom type, rate plan, stay date and several other details and can also be downloaded as a pdf- or csv document.


We have added further functionalities to the Events module in HOP in this release. Going forward, you can create events without automatically creating a new House Account alongside, and you can easily set up recurring events.

        Recurring Events

On request of several members of the HOP Community we’ve also added an easy way to set up recurring events: You can set this up on any existing event and of course also with every event you set up anew. On the very bottom of the “Details” tab, chose the repeat frequency from the drop down (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) and set a repeat start- and end-date.

You can also select to use an existing House Account for the repeating event, or create a new one for every repetition.

        No House Account

Until now, a new House Account was created automatically when creating a new event. We have now added an option to set up events without automatically crating a House Account: When setting up a new Events under Events, Manage Events, just scroll to the bottom of the “Details” tab and tick the box saying “Do not create a House Account”. 

You’ll be able to create a event and can assign an existing house account later on, or not set up an associated House Account altogether.

New OTA – Mr and Mrs Smith

We’re aiming to connect to more and more third parties, such as EPOS providers, Payment Gateways and OTA connections all the time (for a full list of currently available third parties, please Email to

As of this release, HOP offers a direct connection the “Mr and Mrs Smith”. The OTA is a “a global travel club with a million like-minded members in more than 100 countries” (website link) and was requested for generating additional bookings by a number of members of the HOP community.

Similar as with, after setting up your property on the OTA, just pass on the rate plan IDs and room type IDs to your HOP support team. We will take care of the mappings, so that any bookings (and changes to those) are fed directly into hop.

Print Confirmation Emails

On request of some members of the HOP community, we’ve added a “print” function for confirmation Emails: In Reservations, Manage Reservations, simply click the drop down on a RES (reservation) or RESX (room reservation) – if the reservation is not checked in yet, you will have the option to “print confirmation email” in the drop down. Clicking this will open a print view, you can send the confirmation Email straight to your printer, or save it as a pdf document.

Self Check-In customisation

Members of the HOP community who use the Self Check-In functionality can now add a customised message to be shown to a guest after successful Self Check-In. 

To add the message, go to Administration, Property and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Enter your text here and don’t forget to click “update settings” before leaving the page.

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