Ability to "Undo No-Show"

Posted over 3 years ago by Gil McHugh

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Gil McHugh

Good Morning, 

Could I possibly request the ability to "Undo No-Show" in Hop? 

This would be extremely helpful for when a guest arrived after night audit, I am fully aware this would then be a new days business which is fine but allows for a little more flexibility. 

Thank You

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JuliaA posted over 2 years ago


In addition to the request above, could we please include the request for a "Undo No Show" option in the drop-down menu, similar to Undo Check In?

We are quite flexible and if a guest wants to rebook a reservations that was marked as No Show for a future date, we'd prefer to reinstate the reservation and move it. Currently we have to create a brand new RES, which means we lose the history, notes, etc.

Thank you,


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help@hopsoftware.com posted over 3 years ago Admin


We have written an article on what to do in this scenario, which you can find here.

If you think that this would be better as a standalone option in the drop-down menu, though, please let us know

Kind regards,


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