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Posted over 3 years ago by Gil McHugh

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Gil McHugh

I would like to inquire about the possibility to request a feature which allows Gift Vouchers to be sold via Hop Shop. 

Ideally the vouchers would generate a unique code (similar to a reservation number or house account number) and an automatic email confirmation be sent to the guest which can be customised at  hotel level. 

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SharonS posted almost 2 years ago Admin

Hi Carol

I have just sent you an email.

Kind  regards


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CarolA posted almost 2 years ago

Any news on this? would be ideal to get this in place before Christmas which is when we have the most enquiries about vouchers. 

1 Votes posted over 2 years ago Admin

We are currerntly investigating a number of options for how best to implement gift vouchers within the system so please keep an eye out for announcements in the future!

If you have any further questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact the Support Team. 

Kind regards,


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