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Posted over 4 years ago by Gil McHugh

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Gil McHugh

I would like to request the ability to print a group rooming list for Group Reservations that can be given to bookers/tour leaders, Currently I cannot see any way to print this.

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Gil McHugh posted over 4 years ago

Good Morning, 

Just to clarify so we don't cause confusion.... The updates you are making to this report does not allow a rooming list to be printed as this shows cancelled booking also which does not help. 

I have been advised a further feature request has been raised to allow for us to filter the booking status to remove cancelled bookings and this is awaiting approval. 

Kind Regards;


0 Votes posted over 4 years ago Admin

Thank you for your suggestion. Updates are being made to the report found in Front Desk > Reservations to enable users to obtain this information.

Kind regards,

HOP Support

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